Falco Holster For Smith and Wesson “E” Series 1911


Due to my past experience with Falco Holsters (FALCO 92 IWB Concealment Gun Holster With Open Muzzle for Kimber K6S Revolver, Falco Holster Model 92 for 1911 Pistols, and Craft/Falco Holster Code IT92 for CZ-75B), I decided to tap into their products once again for the new Smith and Wesson SW1911 “E” Series 1911. I felt that the Smith and Wesson SW1911 “E” Series 1911 had enough differences (the external extractor, for one) from a standard 1911 to warrant a separate holster.

Visiting the Falco Holster website, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Falco had added a line of “clip-on” IWB holsters, the A112 Hawk, Stable easy on IWB leather holster. I prefer clips over IWB holsters that use straps.

Falco Holsters has also expanded options that can be ordered for the holster, but let’s talk about the basics before we get to the options.

  • Stable open top IWB holster for wide variety of pistols and revolvers.
  • With two steel IWB belt clips.
  • Top of holster with reinforced leather part to keep holster open even without gun inside.
  • Sweat guard keeping gun separated from body.
  • Made of finest natural leather, 4 options of leather in multiple colors.
  • 5-year warranty.

You can design your own holster by choosing properties available in the ‘configurator.’ Options include:

  • The gun make, model, barrel length, and caliber.
  • The sight type: Factory Standard, High/Tritium, Collimator/Romeo
  • Hand Option (right or left)
  • Wearing position (Straight on the hip or In angle on back)
  • Belt Width: 2” or 1.5”
  • Sweat Guard (With Sweat Guard or Without Sweat Guard)
  • Leather Underlay
  • Leather Color (Black, Brown, Orange, More options)
  • Stitching Color (Black, Brown, Contrast, More options)
  • Leather Edge Color (Black, Brown, Blue, More options)
  • Holster Initials Embossing (3 characters on front or rear side)
  • Laser Picture (front, rear and upload an image, as applicable to the side(s)

I tend to keep things simple and ordered the following:

  • Model: SMITH & WESSON SW1911 3 .45 ACP
  • Barrel: SMITH & WESSON SW1911 5 .45 ACP
  • Caliber: SMITH & WESSON SW1911 5 .45 ACP
  • Sights type: Factory standard
  • Hand option: Right hander
  • Wearing position: In angle on the back
  • Belt width: 40 mm / 1,5″
  • Sweat Guard: Without Sweat guard
  • Leather underlay: Without underlay
  • Leather color: Brown
  • Stitching color: Brown
  • Leather edges color: Black

Since I don’t care for sweat guards, although the sweat guard on the Falco holsters is excellent, I decided against one as is my preference.

The underlay is a holster liner, which is supposed to be more friendly to the pistol. It is also prone to wearing through after time and many extractions and insertions of the pistol. I opted for no liner. The holster is “rough in.”

One might question the “Wearing Position” option. If you prefer a straight (no cant) in your holster (for example, appendix carry) the “Straight On the Hip” option would be for you. For us normal people, the “In angle on the back” is the option, as this provides the 15-degree cant needed to carry on or just off the hip.

Although available in black (and other colors) the richness of the brown pleases my earthly soul. The black edging adds some contrast to the holster.

The reinforced mouth of the holster prevents it from closing under the pressure of a belt and trousers, but there remains pressure placed on the “iceberg’ of the holster; that part that is well hidden inside the trousers. When holstering the pistol, the pistol must be pushed into the holster to ensure that it is seated properly.

All edges have been smoothed, dyed black, and polished. Where the layers of leather meets, it is almost seamless.

The double-stitching is excellent, as is the quality of the holster material.  The holster has enough flex in it, when holstered, to aid in conforming to the body shape. I found this holster to be no wider than my hybrid holster from Black Arch holsters that, incidentally, is no longer produced by that company.

The cant of the holster is the usual 15-degree forward cant and for all intents and purposes is agreeable, although I do like a little more cant than normal people.  The height of the holster, unlike most hybrid holsters, cannot be adjusted. However, the height is just enough to keep the mouth of the holster above the top of the trousers. The two mounting clips are excellent and keep the holster securely in place.  The spacing of the mounting clips also keeps the holster stabilized. I have not had good experiences with holster with narrow mounting spacing – especially with compact pistols and revolvers.

There is no retention screw and I have found that a retention screw (and spacer) is unnecessary, as the pistol is held securely by the pressure against the holster. You will have no worry about the pistol dropping free from the holster when you bend over.

The mounting clips are not simply attached to the holster; they are embedded into and are part of the holster and then further held into place by rivets. When this holster is mounted on the belt, it is mounted on the belt.

Double stitching is everywhere.

The holster did not take a bit of breaking in. The Smith and Wesson “E” Series 1911 slid easily into the holster the first time. I could not have asked for a better fit. The holster was ready for “prime time” right out of the box.

The all stainless-steel of the Smith and Wesson “E” Series 1911 with the black ‘SilverBlack’ laminate grip panels and black sights, looks great with the Falco A112 Hawk holster in brown with the black mounting clips.

So, who is Falco?

FALCO, as a brand, has history since 1989 and started by sewing simple leather holsters and falconry gloves for a local market.  Some of these are still being made today.

With higher demand and new rising markets one of the widest portfolio of gun holsters on the market was built. Keeping the same strategy of the craftsmanship, believing that customers appreciate the personal touch, precision and effort put into making of their products, the products are made by one person only – from the start until the end of the production process.

All the products are made Slovakia, Europe.

The A112 Hawk holster, in this configuration, is an ideal IWB holster should you prefer metal mounting clips over leather straps. It demonstrates the impeccable quality and workmanship that is being put into the creation of the holster.


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Taurian is a U.S. Army veteran and former LEO and Defensive Tactics Instructor. Taurian also has over fifty years of experience as a Technical Writer and Training Program Developer. After leaving home at the age of ten without any shoes, Taurian continues on with many years devoted to the keeping and bearing of arms.

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