Monthly Archives: April 2016

My Stance on Shooting Stances

I recently read a brief by CR Williams at his website (I Wonder Now About the Weaver ( and I thought that a personal opinion about shooting platforms (stances), even though they have been bantered about on many occasions, could … Continue reading

I Carry a Gun – and it’s Heavy

When I worked as a LEO, in a past lifetime, I carried a lot of equipment on my body. I don’t know what piece of equipment was heavier; the Motorola radio or the Colt Series 80 MK IV “Government” model … Continue reading

Mossberg 500 20-Gauge Tactical Shotgun (54300)

Smooth-bore long guns have been around, well, ever since the age when gunpowder was developed and people figured out that one could stuff a round tube with gunpowder behind other stuff and then send that stuff a great distance by … Continue reading

Uberti 1873 Cattleman II “Old West” Revolver

Imagine, if you will, holding in your hand an original 1st generation 1873 Colt Single Action Army revolver; the “Gun that won the West” only you don’t know that yet because it has not been termed as such. Picture if … Continue reading

Smith and Wesson SW22 Victory Preventing Wear and Tear on the Ruger MK

The Smith and Wesson SW22 Victory semi-automatic .22 LR pistol was not even on my gun ownership radar. Even if it were on my radar, buying a firearm the first year of its delivery to the market is not something … Continue reading