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Ruger American Model 6913 .223 Remington Rifle

Ruger, it seems is putting its best foot forward in many of its firearms. They are not only reeking of quality but giving other gun manufactures a run for their money in the cost department. The Ruger American rifles are … Continue reading

Keeping it Simple

In a world of goo-gaa’s and gadgets to be mounted on various MSRs, it is a wonder that they can be operated at all. In 1985, Automotive Engineer Earl Weiner stated, “Every device creates its own opportunity for human error. … Continue reading

Mossberg M590A1 Special Purpose

The Mossberg M590A1 Special Purpose has been on my radar for a number of years, not that I needed another shotgun. However, the Mossberg M590A1 Special Purpose was the last in my bucket list of modern firearms. Today, the bucket … Continue reading

Ruger AR-556 Product Review An MSR Without the MSRP

I am going out on a limb here by stating that the Ruger AR-556 is one of the finest MSRs that you can buy for the price right out of the box – at the time of this writing. The … Continue reading

Ruger Model 7405 M77/357 Rotary Magazine Bolt-Action Rifle

Author’s Note: Not long after this article was written, the entire series of M77 rifles was discontinued by Ruger due to low sales.  The .44 Magnum version was the first to go, was soon followed by the .357 Magnum, and … Continue reading

And My Favorite Long Gun is – The Bolt Action Rifle/Carbine

The popularity of semi-automatic long guns has been in the forefront of all firearms; AK-based and AR-based with more emphasis being placed on the AR-based rifles, carbines, and pistols are seemingly at the top of the list. The semi-automatic shotgun … Continue reading