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Old Habits Die Hard!

I have just returned from the range. Being somewhat retired now, I can spend more time there than in the past. It is a wonderful thing to be at the range with very few, if any, patrons present in the … Continue reading

The Springfield Ballet – The Springfield XDs 4.0 45 vs. Springfield Range Officer Compact

The beauty of compact pistols is that they can be carried as a primary counter-offensive firearm or as a backup to a primary counter-offensive firearm. The XDs 4.0 45 and Springfield Range Officer Compact could serve both roles equally well, … Continue reading

Complicating the Draw Stroke

It is a wonderment to behold when you watch professional shooter like Jerry Miculek and others perform and practice their profession. Fluid draw strokes leading to extremely fast shots and splits between shots amaze us mere mortals. I am sure … Continue reading

RIA 1911 Compact Ultra .45 ACP (51479) vs. Springfield Range Officer Compact (PI9126LP) – The Winner is…!

One last Hoorah! One last 1911-based pistol to be had and this one was a challenge; to decide which would be the last pistol in the stable, the Rock Island Compact Ultra .45 ACP or the Springfield Range Officer Compact … Continue reading

Ruger SR45 (3801) End User Review

There are some firearms that just don’t receive much mention. The Ruger SR45 (I believe) is one of those firearms. The SR45 is a polymer-framed, full-sized, striker-fired, recoil-operated, semi-automatic pistol chambered in the powerful .45 ACP cartridge and featuring a … Continue reading

Ruger SR1911CMD (Model No. 6702) – Owner’s Review

In 1904, John Moses Browning introduced the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol cartridge for use in his prototype Colt semi-automatic .45 pistol. The resultant pistol was adopted on March 29, 1911 by the United States Army in 1911 as the “Model … Continue reading

Ruger SR1911 vs. Springfield 1911 Loaded

One of the more popular things to do when deciding to buy a pistol is to compare what you want with similar pistols that are currently available. Both of the pistols in this review are considered “entry-level” pistols by some … Continue reading

Ruger SR1911 (Model No. 6700)

In an industry virtually swamped with 1911-based pistol choices, Sturm Ruger & Company decided to introduce a 1911-based pistol in 2011 of its own design, the Ruger SR1911 (Model No. 6700). While Ruger already had .45 ACP pistols as part … Continue reading

Hogue Wraparound Rubber Grips with Finger Grooves 1911 Colt .45 9mm #C45-000

I rarely opine on grips for the 1911 as I could probably spend the rest of my life doing so due to the immense quantity of 1911 grips on the market today for the 1911-based pistol – regardless of the … Continue reading