Falco Holster Model 92 for 1911 Pistols

Because of my positive experience with the Falco Holster Model 92 for the CZ75B (see review: https://guntoters.com/blog/2018/01/19/craft-falco-holster-code-it92/), I decided to take another chance with the holster and ordered one for the 1911 pistol.

My previous order was through Craft Holsters. However, this order was placed directly through Falco Holsters at their website.

About three weeks into the order, I received the holster and started the break-in process that is common to most, if not all, leather holsters. After twenty-four hours, the holster was ready to mount IWB and carry. The remainder of the break-in would be on the body IWB.  My EDC, the Rock Island Tactical 1911 FS was the chosen pistol for the breaking-in period. The Rock Island Tactical 1911 FS has been carried now for over two years and is showing the signs of wear and tear from shooting and carrying, and that makes it a perfect candidate for breaking in a new holster; whereas, I don’t concern myself with the finish of the pistol being harmed by drawing and holstering the pistol.

While the features of the Falco Holster Model 92 are impressive, they really don’t speak to the holster itself.

FALCO IT92 for 1911-Based Pistols (5″)

“The holster is made of premium leather and it is designed for everyday use concealed beneath the clothing. This simple design is very stable and extremely comfortable. The widely spread loops make this model extremely stable and the holster can be put on and removed without taking off your belt. The reinforced holster opening is designed for ease of re-holstering. Security is provided by an adjustable tension screw.

  • Open muzzle design
  • Concealed beneath the clothing
  • Two belt loops for perfect stability
  • for belt width 1,6 inch / 40 mm or 2 inches / 50 mm
  • Double stitching
  • Deep hand molded leather
  • Lacquered leather
  • Adjustable tension screw
  • Available in black, dark brown, mahogany or natural color
  • Available in left and right-handed design
  • 5-year limited warranty

All new holsters have a tight fit until broken in (this can take one day of wearing).”

The holster completely covers the muzzle and the front sight for optimum protection. It can also be used for ‘Commander’ and ‘Officer’ models of the 1911. The trigger is also well protected.

My particular version of the holster is in Mahogany, as was the holster for the CZ75B. It can also be ordered in black, dark brown, and natural. When the pistol was first inserted, within a plastic bag, in the holster I could actually see the leather stretch, which was indicated by a change in the color of the holster.  This also told me where the most contact of the pistol would be inside the holster. Using Draw-Ez™ from Galco treated these areas and aided me in properly breaking in the holster.

The major one thing that I like about the holster is the lack of a sweat shield. For my carry purposes, any sweat shield is immediately removed from any holster that has one, which prevents any interference with the draw or holstering stroke or interfering with proper safety operation, which is a little bit important on a pistol that is kept in ‘Condition 1’.

The reinforced mouth of the holster prevents it from closing up under the pressure of a belt and trousers, but there remains pressure placed on the “iceberg’ of the holster; that part that is well hidden inside the trousers. When holstering the pistol, the pistol must be pushed into the holster to ensure that it is seated properly.

The double-stitching is excellent as is the quality of the holster material.  The holster has enough flex in it, when holstered, to aid in conforming to the body shape. I found this holster to be no wider than my hybrid holster from Black Arch holsters that, incidentally, is no longer produced by that company.

The cant of the holster is the usual 15-degree forward cant and for all intensive purposes is agreeable, although I do like a little more cant than normal people.  The height of the holster, unlike most hybrid holsters, cannot be adjusted. However, the height is just enough to keep the mouth of the holster above the top of the trousers. The two retention straps have excellent snaps that keep the holster securely in place.  The spacing of the straps also keeps the holster stabilized. I have not had good experiences with holster with narrow strap spacing – especially with compact pistols and revolvers.

I have found the retention screw (and spacer) really unnecessary, as the pistol is held securely by the pressure against the holster. You will have no worry about the pistol dropping free from the holster when you bend over.

Reminiscent of the Milt Sparks Summer Special holster, and considering the price of such, the Falco Holster Model 92 may be a good alternative considering the price and the quality that you get for the price.

FALCO holsters are made in the Slavak Republic, which may turn some folks off from buying from ‘foreigners.’  However, Croatia (think Springfield Armory) and Serbia (think ammunition) have produced many fine firearms, leather goods, and ammunition that is widely sold and used today in the U.S. FALCO Holsters are just examples of some good that comes out of these countries in modern times.




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