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Relative Stopping Power (What is it, and why?)

—by M1911A1— Way back in 1935, Major Julian S. Hatcher published his Textbook of Pistols and Revolvers. It was so well written and documented that it’s still the definitive work in its field. You can get Hatcher’s book through the … Continue reading

“Two-Finger” Holstering Technique

I have been playing with a new technique of holstering my firearm lately. For lack of better words to describe it, I call it my “Two Finger” holstering technique. Essentially, the “Two Finger” holster technique provides full coverage of the … Continue reading

Complicating the Draw Stroke

It is a wonderment to behold when you watch professional shooter like Jerry Miculek and others perform and practice their profession. Fluid draw strokes leading to extremely fast shots and splits between shots amaze us mere mortals. I am sure … Continue reading

Bare Bones Gunfighting and In Shadow In Light – A Training Course Review

On the 14th and 15th of November, in the year of our Lord 2015 AD, I was one of three proud participants in a training course that took place about 1,837 miles East (and slightly South) of Goffs, California. More … Continue reading