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The Ruger 10/22 “International” Build A Touch of this, a Touch of That!

It seems that I have been writing about a few Ruger 10/22 projects of late. This article addresses yet another 10/22 build; a conversion from the standard 10/22 carbine configuration to an “International” configuration. The Ruger 10/22 International was introduced, … Continue reading

Gunsmither™ 10-22 Safety Takedown Tool Product Review Removing and Installing the 10/22 Safety Safely

I am going to start out by saying that if you own a Ruger 10/22, and like to do your own work on the trigger group, the Gunsmither™ 10-22 Safety Takedown Tool should be in your gunsmithing tool box – … Continue reading

The Caldwell Zero Max Shooting Rest Sometimes We Just Need Rest

It seems that I have been bench resting a lot of rifles lately to zero in scopes and such.  While I have a Caldwell Lead Sled, it is not the most transportable bench rest in the world. I do have … Continue reading

10/22 Trigger Shimming… ... with Michigan Center Outdoors and TriggerShims.Com

Having performed several standard 10/22 trigger conversions to Volquartsen Match Hammer and Sear units, I was still not satisfied with the results. Granted that the trigger pull weight was tremendously reduced by using the Volquartsen Match Hammer and Sear units, … Continue reading

The Ruger 10/22 Trigger: To Replace, Modify, or No to Both?

If you are a Ruger 10/22 owner, you will probably agree that the most contentious part of the firearm is the trigger.  Heavy and rough from the factory, the standard 10/22 trigger has garnered a lot of complaints over the … Continue reading

Gunsmither 10/22 Bolt Bar and Extractor Tool – Product Review

THE CLAIM – PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: If you have ever struggled with re-installing your charging handle and spring under the bolt in a Ruger 10/22, this is the answer! This solves the problem of properly aligning the bolt and charging handle … Continue reading

The Ruger 10/22 Target Project

If you are in the Ruger 10/22 frame of mind, and if the 10/22 Target model interests you, this article may be worth a read. The Ruger 10/22 Target, in the current models, is offered in two models; the 1121 … Continue reading