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I was startled awake one night by one of our kittens jumping on me on his way to wherever kittens go in the middle of the night. Sometimes when I am startled awake, I can quickly go back to sleep, … Continue reading


CZ 75D PCR COMPACT – Product Review

“The PCR name stands for ‘Police Czech Republic,’ the group for whom the model was originally designed. Identical in size to the CZ 75 Compact, it weighs in at a full 1/4 pound lighter owing to its forged aluminum frame, … Continue reading


Glock G44 – The Double Deuce That Could

In 2019, Glock announced a new pistol, the G44. It was not due out to the public until January 2020. I went to Midway USA to see if they were scheduled to receive the Glock G44 and, sure enough, it … Continue reading