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Why do we carry?

So why do some people carry concealed weapons? Some of the thoughts I’ve heard over the years include: “To protect myself and my family.” “When seconds count…the police are minutes away!” Because I can’t carry a cop. Every responsible citizen … Continue reading

Louisiana Reciprocity update

Louisiana has added three more states to its reciprocity list. The latest additions are Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Ohio. With these, this brings the number of states that recognize Louisiana permits to 38 ( 39 if you count Louisiana ). … Continue reading

Why Grandpa Carries a Gun.

Take the time to read this it does make a lot of sense also be sure to read the gun history at the end!!!! My old grandpa said to me ‘Son, there comes a time in every man’s life when … Continue reading

For Iowa Citizens

WWW.IOWACARRY.ORG Now refered to as the Iowa Firearms Coalition…they, along with the NRA were instrumenntal in getting the permit to carry law passed here in Iowa and noe turning the focus to the ‘pre-emption’ issues and castle-doctrine type issues as … Continue reading

Pro CCW signs for Wisconsin store owners

Six Boys and Thirteen Hands

There are times that I run across articles that pause my thoughts or receive an occasional e-mail that begs to be shared. This is one of them and I would like to pass it on.Six Boys And Thirteen Hands Each … Continue reading