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When I discover a good product made by a good company in the U.S.A., and like it, I tend to stay with it, and I will promote it when I can. Such is the case with the Altamont Company, which is based in Illinois.

I first used one of their grips for a single-action Ruger Single Six that I had purchased, which was followed by grips for two Ruger Blackhawk revolvers in .38 Special/.357 Magnum. I hadn’t purchased anything from them in quite a while, but when an opportunity arose to order a couple of 1911 grips, I returned to them.

The first set (shown below), in “Silverblack”, was for a Smith and Wesson “E” Series 1911. The fit was perfect, added a bit of class to an already classy pistol, and I was able to preserve the original grip panels from possible damage.

The second set (shown below) was also in “Silverblack’ but was a wraparound style for a Ruger “Lightweight Commander.” The pistol had a Hogue Rubber Wraparound Finger Grooved grip installed, which I really like, but I (again) wanted to add some class to the pistol. The Hogue grips added some grip to the handle, and I needed that grip to help with the recoil of this lightweight little beast. I had a set of Hogue Exotic Wood Wraparound grips on it, but there were smooth and provided little grip when the hands were wet.  The “Silverblack Wraparound” grips from Altamont not only look great, but they add texture where it is needed. Although they do little to soak up the recoil (the rubber Hogue grips helped in that area), they are very functional, they look great, and I get a lot of good comments on them.

What you get when you order a set of grips from Altamont is an excellent product at an excellent price. “We do a variety of customized textures, from classic checkering to precise stippling, to give your handgun a distinctive touch at an affordable price.” They have a wide range of grips for a wide range of handguns to include revolvers and semi-automatics. Altamont also has rifle stocks for the Ruger 10/22.

You may have seen some of Altamont products on factory firearms to include; Beretta, Browning, Colt, Kimber, Ruger, Sig, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Taurus, and Walther. In fact, the grip panels that I replaced on the Smith and Wesson “E” Series 1911 was an Altamont product.

Moreover, the Altamont Company is also known for its engraving services.

In addition, the Altamont Company has a line of accessories to include; the Kenneth Enright Buck 110 Commemorative Series knives, 1911 lightweight precision triggers that are CNC machined out of high-grade aerospace Aluminum, precision machined, USA-made Mainspring Housings, custom engraved 1911 grip panel screws, and custom presentation boxes made from American Walnut or Cherry, with solid wood lid or with glass lid, and maroon velvet lining.

Customer service is excellent. I received an e-mail after ordering the “Silverblack” set of grips that informed me that delivery would be 2 to 4 weeks – and then they asked permission to proceed; whereas, they would refund my money if I chose not to proceed. I was also notified when the order was shipped. In short, they are an excellent company to do business with.

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