REMORA IWB Mag Holder Carry All And, Modification Thereof!

I have reviewed the REMORA DUAL MAG HOLDER (IWB) ( and my modification of it ( The modification, so far, has been a success and I thought that it might be an interesting endeavor to perform a like modification on the REMORA IWB Mag Holder Carry All that contains three pouches, but with a twist.

carry-2The REMORA IWB Mag Holder Carry All was selected for modification due to its characteristics as outlined by the manufacturer:

REMORA IWB Mag Holder Carry All. Original “No Clip, Non-Slip” holder features our non slip material that allows for a no clip design.

Includes 1 Mag Holder Carry All (3 compartments)

Each compartment can accommodate a single stack .22 to a double stack .45 mag, speed strip, small flashlight, or knife. The Carry All can be worn on the front, back or around the hip.


9 x 4.5 x 1/2 inches.

Exterior color options:

  • Non Slip Black
  • Non Slip White
  • Non Slip Punch
  • Non Slip Pink Punch

Lining Options:

  • Standard Denier: smooth black denier (my choice).
  • Black Ultra Plush: upgraded lining that gives a smoother draw as well as an ultra plush interior for your mag.

Modification Option:

Sweat shield: protects the user’s mag from body oils and sweat.


The Original "FrankenMora"

The Original “FrankenMora”

With the modification of the REMORA DUAL MAG HOLDER (IWB), I used a J-clip to ensure that the holder would not slip down inside of the pants. The REMORA DUAL MAG HOLDER (IWB) works great inside a cargo pants pocket; magazines can be retrieved without the entire unit coming out with them. If the REMORA DUAL MAG HOLDER (IWB) is worn IWB; however, there is a chance that you might be chasing it down inside the leg of your trousers. Although the REMORA DUAL MAG HOLDER (IWB) has excellent gripping capabilities, it also has its limits.

Let’s face it – we all have to go to the bathroom sometime and sometimes we have to go, well, number two. This entails (for most of us) dropping trousers and underwear. The REMORA products, as good as they are, really do not take to this human interaction with porcelain well; the magazine holder must be removed and set aside. There is also that time when we are getting ready for a good nights sleep and need to hang up the pants; the magazine holder must be removed and set aside. One answer to halt the occurrence of said slippage, or having to remove the unit and set it aside, is to ensure that the magazine holder, or holster, is securely attached to the belt. My “FrankenMora” modification, although it does work as planned, has one weakness – the J-clip. The J-clip could work it way out of position with the belt when belt tension is released when “droppin’ trou” for the aforementioned events. The obvious solution is to go for a more secure attachment system.

The "FrankenMora 2" Components

The “FrankenMora 2” Components

Hark! The "FrankenMora2" Pouch Lives!

Hark! The “FrankenMora2” Pouch Lives!

I decided to expand my magazine carry capabilities with the three compartment unit. In doing so, and with my previous modification in mind, I decided to go with a dual clip attachment. Rather than using J-clips; however, I opted for more secure “standard” metal clips. I had an IWB holster that had the aforementioned metal clips, and I cannibalized the clips and mounting hardware for the “FrankenMora 2” project.

Selecting a spot in each compartment divider about 1” from the bottom of the unit, I punched two holes with an appropriate hollow-point punch (3/16”) the same approximate holes size of the captive nuts for the holster mounting. It really didn’t matter what side of the REMORA IWB Mag Holder Carry All contained screws or nuts, as the unit is structured the same on both sides.

With the captive nuts pushed into the fabric of the unit, I had to decide if rubber spacer washers were to be used. The rubber spacer washers are used with the holster to produce a gap in which can be tucked. With the material of the REMORA IWB Mag Holder Carry All, it was highly unlikely that I would be tucking in a shirt; I opted to use the rubber spacer washers anyway to prevent the possibility of the edge of the clips from digging into the material. In a short period of time, the “FrankenMora 2” pouch came into being.

The ability to wear the REMORA IWB Mag Holder Carry All on the front, back or around the hip has not diminished. In fact, it is more secure now than ever.

"FrankenMora2" w/three 1911 Magazines

“FrankenMora2” w/three 1911 Magazines

"FrankenMore2" w/three Springfield 13-round Magazines

“FrankenMore2” w/three Springfield 13-round Magazines

I normally carry spare magazines somewhere around the appendix position. It is a simple matter of attaching the clips to the belt at the desired position and then move on in life. As is advertised by the manufacturer, I can still carry any combination of flashlight, folding knife, and magazine that I like – even with the modification. Since I use the double Remora unit for carrying a flashlight and folding knife on the weak side, the REMORA IWB Mag Holder Carry All houses three magazines of whatever capacity I need for the EDC. Housing three single-stack magazines for a 1911 or three high-capacity staggered magazine is not a problem.

The things that I do like about the Remora line of holsters and “accessory” pouches is the low and thin profile and the way that they conform to the shape of the body. I have tried IWB hybrid mag holders in the past and I find most of them severely lacking in concealability let alone comfort. While carrying three high-capacity staggered magazines of .45ACP IWB is not comfortable, the Remora makes carrying these magazines more tolerable than most. The material also has exceptional wear characteristics and cushions whatever is carried.

The Remora accessory product also handles short magazines, as found in both single and double-stack configurations, quite well. I have not had to stuff “stuff” in any compartment to ensure the proper depth for a short magazine; the material itself holds the magazines securely in place. Coupled with the pressure of the body against the product, whatever is stuffed into the compartments will stay stuffed into the compartments.

I normally wear a t-shirt and my shirts not tucked and not buttoned. The Remora accessory holders, with my modification, ensures that the holders are worn as low as possible, which also aids in lowering the height of any accessory (flashlight, knife, and magazine) carried in it.

With the REMORA DUAL MAG HOLDER (IWB) or REMORA IWB Mag Holder Carry All, and with my modification, you can be assured that what you carry in them is going to be solidly held in place. Go ahead, drop those trousers, and not worry about it!

Making this small modification to a Remora Accessory pouch, double or triple compartment, will assist in ensuring that magazines and other accessories stay where they are needed until they are needed.

It's Not What You See...

It’s Not What You See…

...It's What is Actually Hidden...

…It’s What is Actually Hidden…

...That is the Story of the "FrankenMora2"

…That is the Story of the “FrankenMora2”


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