Product Review – Remora IWB Double Magazine Pouch

Remora IWB Double Magazine Pouch

Remora IWB Double Magazine Pouch

I recently received my new Remora Double Magazine Pouch. It had been on my list for a short time, as I have been looking for that “near perfect” means of carrying two spare magazines of ammunition without the bulkiness of carrying two spare magazines.

With the warmer months coming on, I was concerned with concealing spare ammunition discretely. I have several magazine carriers, which work well under cold-weather clothing, but I was not comfortable with them under summer-weight wear. I decided to try the Remora Double Magazine Pouch.

Most weekends, and on some workdays, you will find me wearing cargo pants. They were not my favorite style of pant in the past but I have come to enjoy wearing them. Of course, they have “cargo” pockets; hence, the name. I normally carry my beloved “bikers’ wallet in the left cargo pocket, which helped to balance the weight of my EDC on my right hip. I needed a good magazine carrier that would fit in the cargo pocket and that would not have a large footprint. The Remora Double Magazine Pouch seemed to fit the bill; it is a low-profile double-pouch made from some material known only to Remora Holsters.

Of course, I did not want something that I was going to be catering to whenever I wore it; simply put it in place and not worry about it. The Remora Double Magazine Pouch, like their holsters is made of a non-slip material. From their website:

“The REMORA holsters are a compression type holster which requires a minimum amount of compression to keep the holster in place.

When the REMORA holster is not in the waistband or has no compression to hold the firearm in the holster Yes, the firearm will fall out of the holster if held up-side down The REMORA holsters remain in place with a minimal amount of compression due to REMORA’S Non-Slip rubber skin.
The non slip rubber contains no latex for those who have allergic reactions to Latex.”

The “minimum amount of compression…” phrase is what caught my eye. In other words, some compressing is necessary. I was somewhat concerned about the application to which it was to be subjected – hidden away in cargo pants pocket. There was only one way to know and that was to order one.

Opening the package containing the product, the first thing that is noticed is that the pouch is no wider than 5.75″ at its widest point – the bottom. The pouch tapers to the top where it is rounded. An additional border forms a protective edge around the pouch and looks like it will stand up to the rigors of everyday wear. Heavy stitching abounds and the thickness of the material is heavy, but not over-bearing. Abundantly cushioned, the pouch provides excellent protection for a magazine(s), folding knife, or flashlight. The real test; however, is in the carry method.

I stuffed two magazines of .45 acp ammunition for the Bersa 45UC Pro into the twin pouches and placed the entire unit into my cargo pants pocket. Incidentally, the pouch could also house magazines for a Beretta 92FS, a Stoeger Cougar 8045, four single-stack 1911 (two per pouch), and even the Glock G19 and G30. It was a perfect fit, both for the magazines and the cargo pocket. The pouch is so low profile that I could not detect that it was in the cargo pocket. Apparently, as I found out, so could no one else. The next test was to see if I could retrieve a magazine without retrieving the pouch at the same time. In this test, the holster failed. However, it was not the fault of the holster, but was of the method of carry.

As was stated earlier, the pouch relies on some compression to work. Compression means pressure on the pouch and there was no pressure in a cargo pocket. I was somewhat disappointed but elated at the same time, as I could carry two spare magazines with no problem – and with no detection. I did manage to finally, after repeated efforts, to relieve a magazine from the pouch’s hold, but it took a little effort and holding the mouth the right way. Both, of which, are unacceptable when the fertilizer forcefully penetrates the ventilator and I need a spare magazine right now!

Normally when I carry spare magazines, I wish them to be carried weak side in the appendix position. Some like strong side appendix carry, while some like weak side just behind the hip, while some like “in the pocket” carry. I just find that weak side appendix position carry works for me regardless if I am carrying a pistol or revolver.

Placing the Remora Double Magazine Pouch inside the pants worked the best. Since I always wear an undershirt, I was not concerned about the pouch wearing against my skin. With the particular model of pouch that I ordered, I opted not to get the sweat guard, which helps to keep not only moisture from the magazines but also adds a protective layer between the magazines and skin and also keeps the bottom of the magazines from possibly pressing against body parts, which can be uncomfortable. I have also found that (sometimes) the sweat shield can also “fold over”, which could possibly interfere with my retrieving a magazine for use. The choice; however, should you decide to try the magazine pouch, is yours.

After I had inserted the pouch in my waistband, I did find that the thickness of the pouch took up a little more trouser real estate. I normally buy trousers slightly larger to accommodate my EDC. I had tried IWB magazine pouches in the past and found that I would have to increase further the waistband of my pants just for the sake of comfort. At the risk of looking like an evil clown, I decided that this was not an option. Although the pouch makes the waistband of the pants somewhat tighter, I can live with it. After a bit of wearing, the level of comfort became, well, more comfortable – even when sitting.

Whether standing or sitting, I was able to retrieve a magazine without pulling the pouch from its position. This was exactly what I was looking for. The pouch works as advertised and I am completely satisfied with it, with one exception, and now I have to turn this write-up over to my evil twin for a bit.

When carried IWB, and if you have to drop your trousers; for example, to use the restroom, unfortunately there is no provision to prevent the pouch from dropping down your pant leg when you loosen your belt. One might say that the gravity of the situation takes over. How to get around this situation is totally up to you. However, if I am wearing cargo pants, I can simply remove the pouch from its position and place it in the cargo pocket. Problem solved for me. Even if I forget to put it back into my waistband, it is secure in the cargo pocket.

By the way, I was with two friends who are also legal gun carriers (and you know that gun carriers have a habit of trying to check out if anybody else is packing and where), and the pouch went undetected until I pulled it from the cargo pocket and showed it to them. That is a plus for me.

The Remora Double Magazine Pouch is an excellent product. When used under the guideline that the manufacturer states regarding compression, the product stays in place and does what it is intended to do. Other methods of carry, like in a cargo pocket, may not be as effective as the intended method – but it is doable. Nothing is better than having your spare magazine(s) secured and there when you absolutely must have one or two in your time of need.

Remora Concealment and Security Products also offers a single pouch, IWB and OWB holsters, and other gear. Check them out @

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