Simply Rugged Cumberland (Versa Clip II) Holster

The Simply Rugged Holsters Cumberland (Versa Clip II) Holster.

The Simply Rugged Holsters Cumberland (Versa Clip II) Holster.

Moving back to the 1911-based pistol platform for self-defense, I decided to invest in a new holster for my EDC and went on a quest to find just the right holster.

For the past several years I have been carrying a Bersa Thunder 45UC Pro and the Cross Breed Super Tuck holster has been the primary holder for the pistol. I decided it was time to return to a completely leather holster rather than a hybrid Kydex/leather holster and the search began with companies who’s products are excellent and some, of which, I have purchased holsters from in the past.

I was surprised at some of the turnarounds in receiving the product with some manufacturer’s quoting 6 months and beyond. To cover any lag time, I had purchased a Galco King Tuk to wear in the interim. Although the Galco King Tuk is a good holster for pistols like the Glock and some others, the holster is not well suited to my particular EDC, the Rock Island 1911A1 FS Tactical. That’s another story; however, and I mention a few points about the holster later.

I have holsters from Simply Rugged in the past. I have several for my revolvers but had not one for a pistol with the exception of a Tribute holster that I bought second-hand. In my search for a well-made holster that would not break the bank, I found that Simply Rugged Holsters had a lead-time of 4 to 5 weeks. That was acceptable to me and I started looking through the holster listing. There, I found, the Simply Rugged Cumberland (Versa Clip II) holster.

The Cumberland (Versa Clip II) is Simply Rugged Holsters’ answer to the clip on IWB holster market. Normally, and by request, Simply Rugged Holsters provides a couple of straps that you can attach to a holster, with the provided fasteners, and convert it into an IWB rig. Holes, drilled into the holster at strategic points, accommodate the mounting of the straps. Simply Rugged holsters could be worn OWB or IWB, strong side or cross-draw, which said something about the versatility of their holsters. Like other Simply Rugged holsters, you can order the Cumberland (Versa Clip II) holster with straps (an option) in lieu of clips, should you desire a different mounting system. Two gold-plated screws and ornate nuts hold the Cumberland (Versa Clip II) clips securely in place. Because of the method securing the mounting clips, you can tuck a shirt between the clips and the waistband of your trousers.

Rear View of the Cumberland (Versa Clip II) holster

Rear View of the Cumberland (Versa Clip II) holster

The Cumberland (Versa Clip II) is a rough-out/rough-in reinforced holster of excellent quality. Let me explain. The outside of the holster, where it rubs against the pants, is rough out. This helps keep it from slipping. This places the inner side of the outer half of the holster with a smooth side to the gun. The rear of the holster is rough in, which means that the outer smooth side rubs against the body (or article of clothing) and places the rough side against the firearm. This makes the holster more user-friendly when wearing. The “rough side”; however, is not very rough; it is just “not as finished” as the smooth side.

The holster rides low inside the waistband. That makes people like me, who have somewhat of a reach, thankful. I like my guns to ride as low as possible so that I do not have to contort myself when removing the firearm from the holster or when trying to get it back into the holster. The Cumberland (Versa Clip II) has enough of the holster showing above the waist line of the pants yet affords a low carry position for the firearm – I like that.

The Cumberland (Versa Clip II) is an open-bottom holster; a feature that people either like or dislike. Personally, I like the muzzle of whatever I carry protected but I am not fanatic about it as long as the holster does what it is supposed to do. The Cumberland (Versa Clip II) protects the muzzle end of the gun very nicely. I intend to carry the full-sized RIA in this holster but I can also carry a commander or officer length pistol with equal protection. The pancake design of the Cumberland (Versa Clip II), in my opinion, aids the concealment factor by smoothing out the profile of the holster and the firearm.

The Cumberland (Versa Clip II) holster exhibits a little forward cant that, for me, works out just fine.

Stitching throughout the holster is top notch and with the addition of the reinforcement layer, adds a mildly custom look to the holster. Note that the holster is two pieces of leather (actually three) that are expertly bonded and stitched. This is not some wimpy holster. It is not made from one piece of leather folded over to form a shell. Even the looks of the holster says “simply rugged.”

One of the primary concerns about IWB holsters is the ability to not collapse after the firearm is free from the holster. You just might have to holster the firearm – and that is hard to do with a holster that collapses every time you pull the firearm. Simply Rugged Holsters answered the call by reinforcing the top of the Cumberland (Versa Clip II) holster with a heavily stitched wide band of additional leather on the outside half. This additional layer is smooth-out and lends a nice contrast to the rough out texture of the rest of the holster. This band is not metal-reinforced; it simply stiffens the holster at the point where pressure on the holster is the greatest – the belt line. You can remove the clips, but they are not adjustable. The clips hold the holster firmly in place on the belt and the widely spacing of the clips stabilizes the holster within the trousers. It is recommended that, with any non-metal reinforced holster, it not be worn for extended times without the firearm being holstered.

Sweat Guard View

Sweat Guard View

A sweat guard helps to keep body moisture away from the firearm and to keep the firearm away from the body. A “Combat Cut” allows you to fully grip the handle of your pistol without interference. The “Combat Cut”, an extension of the leather is flexible; expect some flexing outward into the pistol under normal wear. In my opinion, a sweat shield is unavoidable.

Let me digress a bit. With the Galco King Tuk, a holster that I purchased in the interim, I found that the sweat shield could interfere with holstering the Rock Island 1911A1 FS Tactical because of the extended safety; the safety would catch on the top edge of the sweat guard when I tried to holster the pistol. The Galco King Tuk holster is two layers of leather that forms a backing for the Kydex shell; a thin top layer that is bonded and stitched to a thicker backing layer. Eventually, the stitching will give way at the point where the safety would catch on the top edge of the sweat guard. In addition, the point at which the extended safety is resting, once fully holstered, is right on top of the stitching. Constant rubbing at this point will cause the stitching to tear in time. Extended safeties are not friendly to the Galco King Tuk holsters for 1911-based pistol in this respect. If I were to add an additional hybrid holster to the 1911-based pistol, it would not be the Galco King Tuk.

The sweat shield on the Simply Rugged Cumberland (Versa Clip II) holster does not interfere with the safety, is of one-piece construction, and wraps around the back of the pistol to protect the rear sight and safety; no layers with which to concern yourself. As with all sweat shields, it will naturally curve outward into the pistol as you wear it. Because of this, I have learned a new holstering technique for 1911-based pistols with ambidextrous safeties (as well as others, that may incorporate external safeties, but the technique does not apply to those with de-cocking levers). This technique is a variation of the one that I use for single, left-hand safeties with pistols that allow me to use it. This technique works for right-handed and left-handed shooters. Before holstering the firearm, the finger comes off the trigger and the thumb of the shooting hand flips the safety up to its “on” position. The trigger finger now moves under the safety and pushes up on the safety from the underside. The thumb of the firing hand moves under the safety lever and pushes up on the safety from the underside. As the firearm is being holstered, the thumb helps to push aside the sweat shield since it is forward of the safety level. This technique ensures that the safety stays on while holstering the firearm. This technique also forces the shooting finger away from the trigger, which is a good place to be when holstering a firearm. The 1911-based pistol is a safe pistol in many respects. The best safety; however, is the operator’s brain. Nevertheless, once again, I digress.

 "Slim the Snake" likes it!

“Slim the Snake” likes it!

The Simply Rugged Cumberland (Versa Clip II) holster is a relatively new product for Simply Rugged Holsters and its concept born of competition in the free-market. Like other holsters in their line-up, the Cumberland (Versa Clip II) comes through as a high quality, simply rugged holster at a fair price.

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