Altamont 1911 Govt. Fingergroove Silverblack Checkered Engraved

I like, for a 1911-based pistol, wraparound fingergroove grips. I have used the Hogue exotic wood grips in the past for several 1911 pistols. More recently, I was visiting the Altamont Company website for a good grip for my Ruger .44 magnum revolver, which I did find and you can read the review here.

While I was at the website, I decided to peruse their selection of grips for the 1911, in particular the line-up of ‘Fingergroove’ grips. And that’s when I ran across the 1911 Govt. Fingergroove Silverblack Checkered Engraved grip, shown below.

It just so happened that I have a 1911 on which to mount them, the Ruger SR1911 CMD-A. For some time, the Ruger SR1911 CMD-A has been wearing the Hogue Rubber Finger Groove Wraparound grip.

The Ruger SR1911 CMD-A had recently undergone a guide rod change; a conversion from the G.I guide rod to a one-piece, full-length guide rod and I felt the need to find a good set of grips for it, even though the Hogue grips are wonderful. A change is necessary every now and then just to keep things fresh.

With the gray frame of the Ruger SR1911 CMD-A, the Altamont 1911 Govt. Fingergroove Silverblack Checkered Engraved grip really stands out and compliment the pistol, in my opinion.

The Altamont 1911 Govt. Fingergroove Silverblack Checkered Engraved is made of a composite material. The checkering and scrollwork are excellent; however, some work to get them to fit properly had to be done.

The mounting holes had to be reamed with a hand reamer to get them to fit over the grip bushings. That took less than five minutes.

I was concerned, at first, at the distance from the thumb safety to the left panel. One must make sure that the safety will be fully out of safe mode and not be restricted by anything. The clearance between the safety lever and the panel is perfect.

While the fit is not exactly perfect; the front grooves are just so ever slightly mismatched, the grips fill the hand nicely and afford just as good a grip as the Hogue unit, and these grips look classier. At $48, this grip is a definite bargain.

The detail and finish are excellent.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to order a set of different grips for another 1911, and I may order special grip screws that will accent the grips.

The Altamont Company has a complete line of grips for semi-automatic pistols and revolvers that are of quality materials and craftmanship.  I am sure that one of them would look good on your pistol or revolver.

The Altamont Company also has rifle stocks and engraving services.


The Altamont Company:


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