PEARCE GRIP EXTENSIONS REVIEW Avoiding the Dreaded "Hanging Pinky!"

Pearce Magazine Extension

I have several compact and sub-compact pistols that all exhibit the same malady – the grip is too short for my hand. Something was needed to allow my hand to fit on the handle of the pistol. I found that something to be magazine extension from Pearce Grips (

To date my Glock G26 and G36 have magazine extension base plates, as do several Springfield XDs and Springfield Xdm compact pistols. My preferred grip extension just allows my little finger to join the rest of them on the grip of the pistols without adding capacity to the magazine. This extension allows for the use of the magazine spring that comes with the magazine.  Although available for selected pistols, +1 and +2 round capacity magazine extension allow for greater magazine capacity at the cost of having to replace the magazine with one of longer length that keeps the proper tension on the cartridges.

Replacing existing magazine bases is fairly straightforward, but there are some precautions to be noted.


Improper removing and installing magazine base plates can result in loss of magazine parts, thus rendering the magazine inoperable. Ensure that procedures for removing and installing the magazine base plate are followed to prevent loss of magazine parts and subsequent failure to operate.


The magazine floor plate and base plate are under extreme spring tension. Wear appropriate eye protection when removing and installing magazine base plates to prevent possible eye damage.

Magazine Base Plate Replacement:

Author’s Note:  I normally go through this procedure with the magazine in a large see-through plastic bag.  There is a lot of spring pressure in these magazines and sometime the thumb that is holding the floor plate can get tired and, well, stuff happens and parts fly outward from the magazine.  The clear plastic bag keeps the parts from flying too far. This happened to me on one occasions with a Springfield magazine that is now a source of a new spring and follower, as Springfield does not sell individual magazine parts – I had to purchase a new magazine after the floor plate flew into the “black hole’ in my work room and was never found. However, for the sake of illustrating the procedure, no bag was harmed during the making of this article.

Tools Needed:

  • Pin punch or Glock Tool.

What Else?

  • Safety Glasses.
  • The replacement extended magazine base plate,
  • Ensure that you have a solid work place with a non-slip surface.

Step 1. Hold the magazine with the base plate facing up, the front of the magazine facing away from you, and the top of the magazine against the non-slip working surface.

Step 2.  Use a pin punch or Glock tool to press the locking pin of the floor plate slightly inward (just enough to clear the bottom of the base plate).

Step 3.  While pressing the locking pin of the floor plate inward, place the thumb of the hand holding the magazine on top of the magazine base and slowly force the base plate slightly forward until the locking pin of the base plate can no longer be seen and then remove the Glock Tool or Pin Punch. On some magazines, an audible click can be heard when the floor plate locking pin clears the base plate.

Step 4. Use the support hand to pull the base plate off of the magazine while ensuring that the thumb of your gripping hand continues to cover the bottom of the magazine.  A push-pull technique works well here.

Step 5.  With the thumb still over the magazine floor plate, position the opening of the extended base plate onto the magazine. Then, push rearward until approximately 1/2 of the new magazine base is on the magazine, as shown above. You can then remove your thumb from the floor plate.

Step 6.  Continue pushing the floor plate onto the magazine until it is fully seated. The locking pin of the floor plate should be fully engaged with the locking hole in the base plate. You should now have a fully assembled magazine.

If desired, load the magazine with a full compliment of cartridges to fully seat the floor plate with the base plate. In some cases, an audible click can be heard when the floor plate fully seats with the base plate.

The Pearce magazine extension definitely makes the Springfield XDm 40 3.8 Compact look and feel differently. This product allows me to get a better grip on the pistol, for better control, while adding little to affect concealment.

There are Pearce magazine extension for virtually all manner of pistol; Glock, Springfield, Kahr, Ruger, etc.


Pearce Magazine Extension videos:




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