MAGPUL AFG-2® – Angled Fore Grip 1913 Picatinny – Product Review

MAGPUL AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip

MAGPUL AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip

I was looking for a product that would cover the bottom rail of the Hi-Point 4595TS carbine, and which would provide a hand hold for my supporting hand. I do not like vertical hand grips that much and wanted something less “tactical” looking. While searching the World Wide Web for alternative solutions to my bottom rail issue, I came across several angled fore grips.

MAGPUL has been making polymer furniture and accessories for quite a while and I have used several of their products to include sights and stocks for my AR-based MSRs. The quality of MAGPUL products is, without question, one of the best in the marketplace.

Of slanted fore grips, MAGPUL makes several and include the AFG and AFG-2 for two different mounting configurations; 1913 Picatinny rail and M-Lock Slot.

The bottom rail of the Hi-Point carbine is 4.25-inches long and this ruled out the MAGPUL AFG Angled Foregrip, which is intended for longer rails than what is on the Hi-Point carbine. Since the Hi-Point carbine does not use a M-lock configuration, that only left the AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip 1913 Picatinny version.

The Hi-Point carbine bottom rail is of a Weaver design, which means that while it may resemble a 1913 Picatinny rail, the dimension may not, and in most cases do not, adhere to 1913 Picatinny rail standards.

An e-mail was sent to MAGPUL that included the dimension of the bottom rail of the Hi-Point carbine. MAGPUL was nice enough to respond and stated that the AFG-2 should work Hi-Point bottom rail. Note the key word “should” in this case.

I ordered the AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip 1913 Picatinny with the anticipation that some modification may have to be made or the product simply returned and I would search elsewhere.

Before I get into what I needed to do to make the AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip 1913 Picatinny work on the Hi-Point carbine, allow me to present some basic information about the unit.


From the manufacturer:

The AFG-2 is a slim line design that is shorter in overall length and width compared to the original AFG. Smaller size allows for mounting on a wider variety of railed hand guards and better compatibility with rail covers and accessory mounts. Compatible with most any M1913 Picatinny-railed hand guard, the Magpul AFG-2 (Angled Fore Grip) takes into account natural body mechanics and provides a comfortable and stable user interface that reduces fatigue and allows for more precise weapon control.

By positioning the shooter’s hand high on the centerline of the bore, unlike conventional vertical fore grips, the AFG-2 helps mitigate recoil and control the weapon to facilitate faster, more accurate follow-up shots.


  • Polymer three-piece design with an interchangeable finger shelf that allows for a flat “A1-style” surface or an “A2-style” finger nub
  • Mounts to MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny and NATO STANAG 4694 rails (min. of ~3″ recommended)
  • All mounting hardware included


  • Weight: 2.53 oz.
  • Length: 4.70 in.
  • Height, over rail: 1.94 in.
  • Width, maximum: 1.37 in.



The construction of the AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip 1913 Picatinny version is, of course, polymer. The forward end of the grip prevents the hand from sliding off the front end while the base of the grip has a protrusion that helps to prevent the hand from sliding off the grip from that end.

The gripping area is a nicely textured surface on which to rest the hand.


The entire unit consists of two pieces that form the grip and two exchangeable inserts; one with a finger nub and one without the finger nub. The unit is held together by three hex-head screws and nuts while a fourth slotted screw serves as the tensioning device for securing the grip to a rail. All pieces match well with each other.

The three assembly screws, and corresponding nuts, are inset into the grip frame to present a snag-free and low profile as possible.

The unit can be partially or totally disassembled.

Grip Length and Angle:

The resting surface (the angled portion) is long enough to accommodate a small to medium sized hands. Luckily, the resting surface actually extends forward of the angle along the bottom of the grip up to the front stop and is sufficient enough to accommodate a large hand.

The grip angle is very comfortable. I found the angle to be a lot more comfortable than a vertical-style fore grip. The unit is intended to be more of a rest than a grip. I can comfortably place my hand on the grip while keeping my thumb forward, which is more of a position that my support hand would find itself in when holding a conventional fore end of a rifle. The angle of the grip places less strain on the wrist by reducing the angle, especially on a short-stock carbine. Those who are used to gripping the forend of an MSR in the conventional “military” fashion may find the feel of the angled grip foreign to them.


The unit does not come with instructions for mounting and changing out the insert. You can decide if the fore grip is to be smooth or will contain a finger nub (as MAGPUL) calls it). I decided on keeping the finger nub (see COMFORT as to why the finger nub was kept).

The unit comes with the finger nub section installed.

Changing out the insert is a fairly simple process.

  1. Loosen the three assemblies screw just enough to remove the insert from the holding groove.
  2. Insert the desired insert into the holding grooves.
  3. Tighten, but do not over-tighten, the assembly screws.


Installing the AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip 1913 Picatinny on a Picatinny rail is a straightforward procedure, but no direction are provided by MAGPUL. So, here you have mine.

  1. Remove the tension screw.
  2. Slide the unit over the rail until the desired position on the rail is achieved.
  3. Line up the tension screw hole with a groove in the rail.
  4. Install the tension screw.
  5. Tighten, but do not over-tighten the tension screw.


AFG-2 Angled Forward Grip  (Side View)

AFG-2 Angled Forward Grip (Side View)

AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip (3/4 View)

AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip (3/4 View)

Installing the AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip 1913 Picatinny on the bottom rail of my Hi-Point carbine took a little more effort due to the differences between the Hi-Point Weaver rail and a standard 1913 Picatinny rail, but it was not a huge effort.

First was the removal of the tension screw. I dove into my Weaver Multi-Tool Kit and selected the Part #202 Weaver Hex Bit for this task.

Once the tension screw was removed, it was time to slide the AFG-2 assembly on the Lower Rail. At first the installation went smooth but friction slowed things down. A couple of taps on the grip’s front end with a plastic mallet sped things up.

I used a small flashlight to watch the tension screw hole as it appeared in each groove of the rail as the grip was being pushed onto the rail. When the tension screw hole appeared in a groove that was as close to the center of the rail as I could get it, it was time to install the tension screw.

Luckily, the Weaver-based lower rail on the Hi-Point carbine is polymer, and being so, can give a bit over a metal rail. Using the screwdriver I began screwing the tension screw into the rail groove while adding some tension of my own on the screwdriver. Before long, the tension screw mated with the tension screw nut on the grip and the grip was tightened into place. Since the fit of the grip to the rail was snug, tightening the tension screw just enough just enough to feel tightness was all that was required.

Installation on the Hi-Point carbine took all of 10-minutes.

This was all there was to installing the AFG-2 to the Hi-Point 4595TS carbine.


Modified Pistol Grip

Modified Pistol Grip

Conventional Grip

Conventional Grip

Long Grip (Note Finger Over Front Lip of the AFG-2)

Long Grip (Note Finger Over Front Lip of the AFG-2)

After the installation was completed, it was time to really check out the comfort level of the Installing the AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip 1913 Picatinny.

I can sum this up with one word – wonderful!

  1. I can hold the AFG-2 grip in a quasi-vertical pistol grip fashion for QCB work.
  2. I can move my hand forward on the the AFG-2 and hold it as you would a standard rifle forearm in a thumb-forward position.
  3. I can slide my hand up further on the AFG-2 grip, and place my index finger around the front lip of the grip for a more solid forward grip.

The AFG-2 actually allows me to hold the forearm of the carbine in three ways, as I show in the accompanying images.

The AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip adds a new dimension to the Hi-Point 4595TS carbine. In fact, I like it so well that a MAGPUL AFG-2 is being ordered for the 995TS WC carbine.


If you are like me and don’t care for a vertical fore grip, even a folding unit, an angled fore grip may just be up your alley.

The MAGPUL AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip 1913 Picatinny is made for real firearms – not for paint ball guns. As such, it is suitable for pistols, carbine, and rifles that utilize a 1913 Picatinny rail on the fore end. In most cases, and because of the single-point tension screw, it will also work on some, but not all, Weaver style rails.

On the Hi-Point carbine, it adds a level of comfort and control, and the styling blends well with the styling of the carbine.

The MAGPUL AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip 1913 Picatinny can be ordered on-line through various on-line retailers and may also be available locally through selected vendors. I purchased mine through Cheaper Than Dirt (

For me, the AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip 1913 Picatinny was a simple solution for filling up rail space on my Hi-Point carbines with something useful. Your reasons may be more tactical in nature and I think that the AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip 1913 Picatinny would fill your tactical need.


MAGPUL AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip:


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