SHTF Gear ACE-1 Gen 2 Holster for Ruger SR45

Ruger SR45 (MDL 3801)

Ruger SR45 (MDL 3801)

The Ruger SR45 semi-automatic pistol is a unique pistol but not unlike its brethren the SR9 and SR40. All are full size pistols with almost identical traits less one – barrel length. The SR40 and SR9 both have 4.14-inch barrels and a width of 1.27 inches. The SR45; however, while having the same 1.27-inch width has a 4.5-inch barrel.

Normally, the difference in barrel length would not play an important part in the SR equation unless, of course, you are searching for an IWB holster for one. Specifically, you are looking for a holster that will fit not only the width and length but also will cover the majority of the entire barrel.

When I purchased the SR9, I set about purchasing a holster that would accommodate both the SR9 and SR9c. A Cross Breed Super Tuck Deluxe fit the bill at the time. The CBST; however, is a short, open bottom holster shells that allows a good portion of the front end of the pistol to be exposed. Call me picking nits if you will, but I prefer a holster shell that covers as much of the barrel as possible. For example, my SHTF holster for the 1911 fully protects the barrel for any normal size 1911 (Government, Commander, and Officer). Since having too much holster is not usually desired, I also have a second SHTF holster that will house the Commander and Officer model 1911s.

With that said, the CBST does work very with the SR45. It is only my personal preference that a holster should fully protect the entire pistol and not just be a place to rest the pistol when it is not in my hand. But, as luck would have it, SHTF Gear did not have a holster listed for the SR45, although there were holsters available for the SR9, SR9c, SR40, and SR40c – all of which have identical dimensions.

I sent an e-mail to SHTF Gear asking why no holster was available for the Ruger SR45 and the reason behind my inquiry. In short order, I received an e-mail from SHTF Gear stating that they, at the present time, did not have a holster mold for it. However, if I desired a holster for the Ruger SR45 they would order the mold and list the SR45 in their list of Ruger options. I returned the e-mail with a response that I would be interested, and if they got the mold I would buy the holster.

I kept checking back on the SHTF Gear website each week, but the SR45 option was not listed. I started thinking, “Well, there ya go!” and pretty much washed the holster out of my mind. A few days ago; however, I visited the SHTF Gear site one more time. Lo and behold, the holster was listed! I immediately placed an order and in three days time I was informed that the holster had shipped.

I own several SHTF Gear holsters and they are top quality. I really don’t have the heart to tell them that I surgically remove the sweat shield to use the holster with a 1911. The SR45; however, is a different animal and I hoped that I could retain the sweat shield. The reason for the removal of the sweat shield is that having to push the sweat shield out of the way to place my thumb on the safety of the 1911 is difficult and is something that I would rather not contend with. A sweat shield can also interfere with the thumb safety (especially extended ones like on my 1911 pistols). With that said, I have no issues with sweat shields for other pistols – until I do. I have a SHTF Gear holster for my Glock G43 and my Springfield XDs pistols and, so far, the sweat shield has been retained. If the SHTF Gear works for the SR45, then I will also be able to use it for my SR9 and SR40 pistols; whereupon, the entire barrel of the SR9 and SR40 will also be fully protected as there will be a little extra length to the Kydex housing.

Ruger SR45 in the SHTF Gear Holster

Ruger SR45 in the SHTF Gear Holster and fully protected

Well, the SHTF Gear holster arrived a few days after being notified of it being shipped and I cannot be more pleased. After adjusting the cant to my desired angle and adding a dab of blue thread locker to the adjustment screws, the SHTF Gear holster is ready to ride. The tension setting was perfect and needed no further adjustment.

The holster rides a little higher than I like one to ride, but with the SR45 that is not a bad thing. The holster is pulled tight into my side and places the handle of the SR45 at a slight forward angle, and in doing so, the pistol rests almost in a perfect spot on my body to not only make it easy to grab the handle but also adds a better degree of concealment, and that is something that you need with the SR45 because it is not a compact pistol; it is a full-grown man gun. When I bend forward, the SR45 seems to move with me, which helps to reduce printing of the butt (since my butt is getting smaller printing that is not a problem). I also found that even though the SR45 is slightly thicker, and has a longer handle than my usual carry – a 1911, concealing the SR45, SR9 or SR40 is not an issue with this holster. A SHTF Gear holster also protects a CZ75 or Glock G43 on occasions when I carry them.

The best part is that I do not have to surgically remove the sweat guard as I do with my 1911s due to their extended thumb safeties.

There is no need to go into the features of the SHTF Gear holster, as the features of SHTF Gear holsters are contained in my other reviews of SHTF Gear holsters, and which I have listed in PREVIOUS SHTF GEAR REVIEWS.

SHTF Gear holsters are inexpensive, the quality is top notch, and customer service is more than excellent. You can’t ask for much more than that and they are my first choice when I am holster hunting.




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