xyLED MD50, 500 Lumens Flashlight – Product Review

xyLED MD50_005So, let’s talk about flashlights. I have a number of them, and probably like you, a number of them is never enough. There are cheap ones, fair priced ones, and more than I want to pay for ones. While searching the denizens of the “Amazon” I came across one that is not only affordable but functional, the xyLED MD50 500 Lumen High Performance Flashlight. In fact, it was so reasonably priced that I decided to purchase two and give one away as a Christmas present. I have since changed my mind. I am keeping both.

I received the two lights three days ahead of the scheduled arrival date, which made me a surprised and happy camper. While I somewhat knew what to expect, I was still taken somewhat aback at the plastic case that housed all of the ingredients. The foam-lined case is actually pretty nice. The content of the case was much nicer. So what do you get for the asking price?

xyLED MD50_001xyLED MD50_Desc

The AAA battery case is inside the flashlight, which I removed to install the rechargeable battery. I don’t know why but I did not expect a lot. I was disappointed because it was more than I expected?

xyLED MD50_003

The flashlight itself is anodized aluminum and the flashlight is not too large or small to fit in the hand well. A big green button on one end indicates what you should push to activate the six modes that are available; High, Mid, Lo, Turbo (Flash), SOS, and Off. Press the function switch fully to turn the flashlight on and off. While on, lightly press the function switch until the desired mode activates. Press the function button fully to turn the flashlight off. The next time that you press the function switch fully, the flashlight is automatically in the High mode.

One Hand Focusing

One Hand Focusing

One feature that I really like is the focus feature. With one hand, you simply move the head of the flashlight forward to a “spot” of light or rearward to have a “Flood” of light. Although the head does rotate on this flashlight, the rotation does not affect beam width. The head itself is highly textured and provides a good gripping surface.

The battery cap allows you to exchange batteries. The battery cap allows for the attached wrist strap to be removed or mounted according to the preference of the user. I prefer my flashlights ‘strapless.’ The lens cap unscrews to allow for cleaning of the lens (if necessary) and also protects the lens. The lens cap also has a knurled strip to aid in tightening and loosening.

There are several warnings when using the flashlight that is not uncommon for this type of flashlight:

  • Do not mix batteries of different brands, sizes, types and capacity.
  • After charging is over, remove the battery from the charging base.
  • It takes about 4 hours to completely recharge a totally drained battery.
  • Do not let the rechargeable battery stay at a low capacity for too long. This may cause damage to the battery.

The plug-in charging unit incorporates a two-way LED that lets you know when the battery is fully charged (green) or when charging (red). It is best not to leave the charging unit plugged in after charging is complete. The charging unit itself supposedly has over-charge protection, but I for one, do not trust anything too much. To recharge the battery, first remove the outer plastic shell before inserting the battery into the charging saddle. I have heard of upward of 10 hours per charge. When I initially charged the battery, I monitored the battery and the charging unit for possible heat buildup, which would indicate a faulty unit. Happily, I can say that charging went off without a hitch. Initially, the provided battery took about fifteen minutes to fully charge. Note that the unit will also operate with three AAA Alkaline batteries or three Ni-MH-rechargeable batteries; a AAA battery case is provided.

Although the flashlight comes in a nice plastic box, it does not come with a holster of any kind. A retention device is up to the user. (I use the Nite Ize 19mm Flashlight Torch Stretch Pouch with Rotation Belt Clip – Black holster for many of my small flashlights.) While the head is quite thick, the shaft of the flashlight is thin and the flashlight should fit in any expandable flashlight holder, range bag pocket, or cargo pants pocket.

While the xyLED MD50, 500 Lumens Flashlight is not a Streamlite, it does share many of the features and ratings. Best of all, it is reasonably priced. The unit is, of course, manufactured in China.



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