“Facing the Active Shooter” by CR Williams – A Review

FTASThe probability of being involved in an active shooting seems to be more prominent these days. You could be at your local big-box store, filling up your vehicle with gas at the local gas station, picking up a prescription at the pharmacy, or eating at your favorite restaurant. The venue may be different for each event. The size and complexity of the affected area may be large or small. The population of such may be large or sparse.

I had recently purchased, “Facing the Active Shooter” by CR Williams and I thought that I might pass on a review that will help you decide if this book should be purchased. I sincerely hope that you will.

CR broaches the subject of facing an active shooter by using an outline approach in his writing; an approach that breaks down the elements of your survival to various scenarios (8 of them, in fact). These are not hard and fast rules but are guidelines and suggestions, as every active shooter situation is different – with the exception that the active shooter is trying to kill anyone, or possibly everyone, as quickly as possible. The active shooter is aware that they are operating on borrowed time. You should be aware that you are as well.

You will not have this book with you, in all likelihood, when an active shooter event occurs in which you may become an unwilling and unfortunate participant. Hopefully, you will have an opportunity to assess what you have and where you are in relation to things and people around you. As CR mentions in the book, you must have flexibility of thought and the ability to adapt. CR brings out the options available to you in the book for situations like, “Single shooter, in sight of shooter, long(er) range” and “Multiple shooters, out of sight of shooters, close range” with options available to you in a series of unordered lists. After all, this book is not a step-by-step guide like how to replace the drive belt in your broken dryer, nor was it intended to be.

My Son-In-Law likes to sip a cup of Java at the Starbucks that is located inside our local Kroger by the front door. He decided not to do that anymore, as his reaction time would be next to nothing should a mob or active shooter(s) decide to come in the front door of the business. It is something that he thought about after I lent him, “Facing the Active Shooter” to read.

I do not “shop” with my wifey – I accompany her. Although I may suggest that she purchase my favorite brand of beef sticks, my concentration is elsewhere (assessment of my suroundings, primarily) while she can concentrate on what to feed the family unit. Some of the suggestions in the book helped me to expand my thinking concerning situational awareness.

An important issue that CR brings out in the book is what to do concerning meeting responders during your exit. You may have to herd you, your family, and possibly others to a safe exit while guarding the exodus. You probably don’t want to be holding a firearm when you meet the responders. You need to decide what you want to do with that firearm once it is clear to do so.

“Facing the Active Shooter” by CR Williams is a good read. Most of all, it makes you think about the options available to you to survive an active shooter event. None of this book will make you a warrior. It may; however, help make you a survivor.

“Facing the Active Shooter” by CR Williams is available in Kindle or paperback @ http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0615912699/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1.


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