Gear Review – The Voodoo Tactical 15-0457 Stakeout Padded Concealment Bag

VoodooStakeout_01Rarely do I read a vendor’s description of a product that severely understates the product. Most vendors rant and rave about how their product is the best – and rightly, they should.

What Voodoo Tactical says about the Voodoo Tactical 15-0457 Stakeout Padded Concealment Bag:

“The Voodoo Tactical Ergo Pack has proven so popular that we’ve added this larger Stakeout shoulder bag to the line up. You can now keep even more gear nearby should you need to respond to an active-shooter situation or similar emergency.

Load this bag up with a handgun, extra magazines, some food bars, a bottle of water, poncho, GPS, video camera, and a pair of binoculars and you are ready for a stakeout. Or, swap out a few items and pack it with rifle magazines and its grab-and-go ready if you need to grab your rifle and respond to a call.

This is a good-sized bag, over a foot tall. The internal pocket is 12 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 4.5 inches from front to back. Exterior pockets include magazine pouches, a pocket for your cell phone or other electronic equipment, and plenty of additional storage space. Of course, you can use the MOLLE compatible webbing to add additional pouches.

Also features ID window, zippered compartment, and adjustable, padded shoulder strap.

Papa's Brand New Bag!

Papa’s Brand New Bag!

Don’t be caught unprepared! Keep your loaded Stakeout bag in your trunk, on the floor under your desk, or by your bed.”

I ran across the Voodoo Tactical Stakeout Padded Concealment Bag at a recent gun show. It was the only one of its kind at the vendor’s booth and needing another bag, I bought it for a fair price. It was not until I got it home that I really noticed the quality and features of the bag.

I have several of these “hip” tactical bags that I use primarily as “caliber bags.” I have a number of bags pre-set for whatever firearm I may be taking to the range or grabbing in an emergency. There is the Mosin bag, the SKS bag, the 12-gauge “shotty” bag, the 20-gauge “shotty” bag…

Most do what they are intended to do – carry stuff for a particular purpose. The drawback is that the bigger the bag, the more the stuff. With the Voodoo Tactical Stakeout Padded Concealment Bag, you can carry a lot of stuff – a lot of stuff. Now, I cannot tell you what to stuff in your bag. That is for you to work out. What I can tell you is my opinion about the Voodoo Tactical Stakeout Padded Concealment Bag and (hopefully) expand the vendor’s description.

Lot-o-room for stuff!

Lot-o-room for stuff!

First of all, this is a very rugged bag. Stitching is top-notch with most of the stitching being double-set where needed the most. Erik-Von-Zipper would be proud to own this bag, as nylon zippers abound and each has a para-cord pull.
The bottom front zippered pouch measured at about 7.5″w x 3.5″h x 2″d, has double zippers, and is unlined.

VoodooStakeout_05The center pouch measured about 8″w x 6.5″h x 1.5″d, is double zippered and lined. A smaller front pouch that contains M.O.L.L.E straps and Velcro is a lined pouch that incorporates a single zipper for security.

Looking at the right side of the bag, you will find a large pouch for holding a water bottle or whatever you would like held. It is also lined and has a para-cord retention strap with a push-to-adjust keeper.

At the left side of the pouch are two Velcro-flapped pouches that measure about 4″h x 3.25″w x 1″d. They are abundant with Velcro.

VoodooStakeout_02The rear of the bag is impressive with its padded hip area. It also serves as another pouch that has a Velcro enclosure at the top. This pouch measured about 11.5″h x 8″w but is not deep; it could serve as a map case, or could store an immense amount of Slim-Jims.

Onward to the top of the bag. The main pouch is topped off by a dual-purpose cover that also has two more pouches; an inner, zipped pouch that is of nylon netting for breathability (7″w x 3″) and an outer lined pouch (6.75″w x 5.5″ d) that incorporates two small inner pouches, which could serve to hold pistol magazines, folding knives, or small flashlights and such. The top pouch incorporates double zippers. On top of the outer top is a slot made of clear plastic. Double-stitching attaches this pouch to a Velcro backing. Let your mind wander as to its use.

There is only one word that describes the main pouch – cavernous. The internal pocket is 12 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 4.5 inches from front to back. That is a whole lot of space to pack a whole lot of stuff. Nevertheless, wait! There is more! Included in the pouch are two inner pouches: a zippered outer pocket with nylon netting and a lined and zippered inner pouch that measures in at 7″w x 8″d to the zipper. You can add another 4-inch above the zipper.

Side Pouches

Side Pouches

Wow! Have you asked yourself what you are going to do with all of those pouches? Well, do not hang up the phone just yet because there is, yes there is, one more pouch. Directly behind the main pouch is another dual-zippered pouch that is as wide and long as the main pouch. It is large enough to hold an attack Chihuahua and being lined you do not have to worry about “accidents.”

Haah! We are not through just yet. The bag is ambidextrous. The strapping is such that carrying the bag left or right shouldered is very comfortable. On each “leg” of the bag, there are M.O.L.L.E straps for attaching smaller, additional pouches, ammo holder, or flashlight for example. The heavily buckled 2″ strap is fully adjustable. Heavy nylon quick-release buckles attach the carrying strap to the bag proper. For comfort, a padded shoulder strap helps ease the load a bit and removes from the main strap by releasing three Velcro straps.

Well, now! That is all of the pouches. I actually did look at the bottom of the bag to see if there was a pouch there but, alas, there was none. I did notice that the bottom of the bag is nicely padded. That means that the main pouch is nicely padded at the bottom as is the large inner and hip-side pouches. That means there is a nice cushion for your favorite firearm, the attack Chihuahua, and a whole lot of Slim Jims (Oh! Yeah!).

There is a direct competitor to Voodoo Tactical out there to be sure. For the money; however, the Voodoo Tactical 15-0457 Stakeout Padded Concealment Bag is going to serve me just fine. Whether you are need a BOB, a GHB, or just need a bag to pack stuff, you might want to consider the Voodoo Tactical 15-0457 Stakeout Padded Concealment Bag.

Amazon has one in black, but I preferred the O.D. Green version. Shop the net for the best price. I was lucky and got mine for $40 cash-n-carry.

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