How do we think and why is it important?

Noticed this today:

Why does this related to training and CCW? We put out scenarios hypothetical situations to run through all the time and ask each other about tactics, strategies, and methods. Our discussions on OODA loop and Hick’s Law might do justice to an psychology conference. Some thought about thought is really in order because if you have to take a life having an answer to the question: “What were you thinking?” is probably a good idea.

We regularly discuss “what if”‘s that present as one thing but are really another and it may be worthwhile to look at the thought process that goes into such assumptions and even fast conclusions that have some thought behind them. In almost all scenarios that take place outside the home we will be functioning with limited data and huge, important gaps in the data we are forced to operate with. Understanding how our minds function in these cases may help us operate better and make choices that we would be less likely to regret later.

Many of the scenarios we toss out here for evaluation and response are like taking out mind to the gym for a workout to keep it in shape. This kind of info is more about how we actually lift the weight. Worth knowing to help us build good habits of thinking that might just be what sees us through those times when data is thin on the ground and lead is thick in the air…


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