Why do we carry?

So why do some people carry concealed weapons?

Some of the thoughts I’ve heard over the years include:

“To protect myself and my family.”

“When seconds count…the police are minutes away!”

Because I can’t carry a cop.

Every responsible citizen should be armed.

Because I can and like exercising my god given right

Because I can’t throw rocks at 1,000 fps.

Because the police have no legal obligation to protect me.

Because criminals should be afraid to attack a law-abiding citizen.

Because giving the criminal what they want is not acceptable when what they want is my life or the lives of those around me.

Because in the history of America, there was one group that were denied their right to keep and bear arms:  slaves.

Do you only use a seat belt if you’re planning on being in an accident?

Same reason we have fire extinguishers, in case of an emergency.

Here’s a link which may help answer the question:

From the Guntoters forum…

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