New Magazine Carrier by Cook’s Holsters

Original Magazine Carrier by Cook's Holsters

Original Magazine Carrier by Cook’s Holsters

I have purchased a couple of magazine carriers from Cook’s Holster in the past. Needing something that I could wear IWB for single-stack .45 magazines, I turned to Cook’s Holsters as a provider. I had seen some of their work at local gun shows and the quality of holsters impressed me.

The original version of the magazine carrier incorporated an integral belt clip in the design and has worked very well in keeping the spare magazines that I carry tucked tightly against the body; a prerequisite (by me) for deep concealment. The early model held the magazine tightly, but formed to fit a magazine in only one direction. In order to hold the magazine in the direction that I desired, I ordered offside magazines that could be worn IWB on my right side (abdomen carry, as this is my preferred position for both semi-automatic and revolver spare ammunition) with the front of the magazine base facing rearward. A later model incorporated a tension screw and spacer, and an ambidextrous magazine pouch, the concern of wearing a weak-side pouch on my strong side disappeared.

Updated Magazine Carrier by Cook's Holster

*Updated Magazine Carrier by Cook’s Holster

New and Advanced Clipping System

*New and Advanced Clipping System

Tension Adjustment

*Tension Adjustment

Very Strong Belt Clip

*Very Strong Belt Clip

Open-Bottom Design

*Open-Bottom Design

Recently, I needed to order additional magazine carriers for the new XDs 3.3 45 that is in my stable. I decided to give Cook’s Holsters another chance to deliver a fine product and found that another change in the design made the magazine carrier even better.

“These magazine carriers are designed to allow you to carry one magazine vertically inside or outside the waistband for either hand shooter. The retention is adjustable and the bottom of the carrier is square so a magazine can be inserted with the bullets facing either direction. The clip is ABS plastic and the carrier is made of one piece of .080 Kydex (Other thicknesses available).”

A new clip design provides the operator a choice between the older integrated clip and the newer attachment clip. Because of the way that I carry my spare magazines, I opted for the newer attachment clip. At times, standard clips can get weak, or worse, break. If this happened with the early design, and although Cook’s Holsters stands by their products, it meant that the entire magazine would require replacement. With the new design; however, only the clip assembly itself would have to be replaced. In the very rare case that the mount should break, Cook’s Holsters stands by their products: “We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products against defects. We understand that “things” happen. Please be honest with us with what happened to your damaged product. We will stand behind it but if there is something we can do to modify the replacement item to prevent the same failure we would like to do that at the time of replacement.”

Two Phillips-head screws securely hold the clip onto a molded-in mounting point. Ideally, I would be able to exchange the clip according to the belt size. For example, my normal “duty belt” is 1.5″ wide. If need to be, I could have a set of clips on-hand to fit a larger (1.75″) belt width.

The EDC Rig, Springfield XDs 3.3 45, two spare magazine carriers by Cook's Holsters, 2 spare 5-round magazines with extensions, cell phone, Ka-Bar TDI LE knife, and Velcro-backed liner belt. And, yes, those are Perry suspenders.

The EDC Rig, Springfield XDs 3.3 45, two spare magazine carriers by Cook’s Holsters, 2 spare 5-round magazines with extensions, cell phone, Ka-Bar TDI LE knife, and Velcro-backed liner belt. And, yes, those are Perry suspenders.

Everything in place...

Everything in place…

...and concealed very well.

…and concealed very well.

The ambidextrous magazine carrier is of an open-bottom design and a Phillips screw, rubber spacer, and rear-mounting nut completes the tension adjustment assembly. Once I adjusted the carrier for the desired tension, I applied just a dab of blue locktite to the bottom screw threads, which will help to keep the screw from backing out.

The single-stack ambidextrous magazine carrier is very comfortable (and comforting) to wear, especially when carrying two spare 5-round magazines for the XDs, and when worn IWB. Even longer magazines (7-round and 8-round) are comfortable, as I normally carry two of these when concealing a 4″ or 5″ 1911-based pistol. Double-stack magazines can be a little iffy when worn IWB, as they do tend to dig into body parts more than not.

I am highly satisfied with the “new” ambidextrous magazine carrier from Cook’s Holsters. Turn-a-round time is approximately two to three weeks, but it is well worth the wait. In addition, you can order the ambidextrous magazine carrier in a wide assortment of colors and patterns to suit your needs and wants.

Check out the complete line of holsters, and the ambidextrous magazine carrier, from Cook’s Holster @

* Photo used with permission from Cook’s Holsters.

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  1. rharvey says:

    Very good review.
    I may look in to some.

  2. Bob Leibold says:

    I have two of Cook’s IWB holsters which I am extremely happy with and one double stack magazine holder which I do not carry . This newer magazine holder appears to be better suited to me than the old one and I’ll have to look into one for my single stack Glock 36.
    Thanks for this review,
    Bob Leibold

  3. Taurian says:

    It seems, that since I wrote this article, magazine carriers by Cook’s Holsters are no longer available. Perhaps, demand was not strong enough to warrant their supply. There is a gun show coming up next week and I hope to be able to talk with Bob Cook about availability.

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