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The father may face felony charges, too.

To which I can only reply: Good!
Political Correctness happened.
And making sure that kids feel good about themselves, rather than making sure that they're learning the things which will be useful in "grown-up" life.
And "self actuation," whatever that is.

The result is an almost complete lack of both personal discipline and personal responsibility, larded heavily with ignorance.
Watch a young person make change: If the cash register doesn't tell them what the correct cash-back is, they're lost.
And even modern history is a complete mystery, along with politics and civics.
All the Rest of the Weapons / Re: Sunday load out
« Last post by LEJoe on Today at 05:15:12 PM »
God Bless You!  ;)
Splash one bad guy!
Sad. In my day in school, we did not tell the administration what we were going to do. They told us, what we were going to do and when we going to do it. There was no vote, there was no debate, it happens now. Things ran smoothly in 1973 in spite of all the current events. What happened? 
...This school was playing politics with kids and wrongly so...

They just announced that he was taken into custody a short time ago. He was hiding in the woods behind the apartment complex where he has an apartment.

Edited to add; The thug walked out of the woods and a lady seen him then called 911. The Police responded to her location and soon arrested him. He had a semiauto pistol in his back pack. He was captured only about 1/2 mile from the Waffle House.

There were 160 Police officers in this search. It has rained off and on all day and is cool. They had the woods surrounded with a perimeter and were grid searching the woods, but the tip finally led them to this guy.

Antioch is the same neighborhood that had the church shooting, a few months back, and 7 were killed and several injured.

It seems that the 11-year old strayed from the pack, or was never with them at all and just used the walk-out to go to the park.

The school declines any responsibility? I smell a huge lawsuit against the school - and rightly so.

It is funny how this works, though. You tell the kids that they can use a designated area, but a few wander off - breaking the rules or not following the rules.  So, the kid(s) is on his own?

It sound like human nature to me; some just say no to the rules and play their own game. In the adult world, this is sometimes called 'criminal behavior' depending on what behavior is exhibited, and people that break the rules end up in jail or worse.

No sir! This school was playing politics with kids and wrongly so.

But, this school administration and the teachers who were behind this 'walkout' will never realize what their actions caused - nor take responsibility for it. 

Lord, they know not what they do!
A definite mental case. Can't say too much for the father either.
Local and World News, NOT political / Shooting At Waffle House/Nashville
« Last post by pop pop on Today at 06:17:06 AM »
NASHVILLE, Tenn.#8203; ó
A gunman wearing nothing but a green jacket and brandishing an assault rifle stormed a Waffle House restaurant in Nashville and shot four people to death before dawn Sunday, according to police, who credited a customer with saving lives by wresting the assailantís weapon away.

The gunman opened fire at 3:23 a.m. (local time) on Sunday and before a "hero" patron, James Shaw, Jr., wrestled away the gunman's rifle, according to police.

The shooter fled the scene on foot and has not been apprehended at this time. Apparently this guy has mental problems because he was arrested, by the Secret Service, at the White House several months ago. He crossed a barrier in a controlled access area and refused to leave so he was arrested by the Secret Service and charged.

Due to the arrest, in DC, Daniel Ranking lost his card to be able to own firearms in Illinois, where he lived, and had 4 guns confiscated including the AR 15 used in the Waffle House shooting months later.

The guns were released back to his father who in tern gave them back to the son. The son used the AR to shoot up the Waffle House while naked except for a green jacket. The AR was purchased legally 7 years ago.

Edited to add; White, 27 year old Ranking was fired from a construction job in Nashville recently, but did get another job but only worked one day then did not return to the new job.

The man that wrestled the gun away from Randking, has 3rd degree burns in the palm of his hand. The perp must have fired several rounds for the barrel to get that hot.
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