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Cold Steel Peace Maker III – Product Review

Looking for an inexpensive knife to throw into an “operator’s bag”, I decided to give the Cold Steel Peace Maker III a try. I like fixed bladed knives and Cold Steel has satisfied my proclivity toward them for a number … Continue reading

Am I Right to Shoot Left, Part 2

In part one of this series, I wrote about some things that a right-handed long gun shooter had to consider when transitioning to left side operations. Specifically, these were safety operation and expended case ejection. While these are not negatives, … Continue reading

Product Review – UTG DS3068 6.4-Inch ITA Red/Green Dot Sight

I have been wanting to change out the current CQB sight on my WW “SCR” with a better sight. The current sight is not bad, but it lacked the dot illumination adjustment that I desire. I found it in the … Continue reading

Product Review – Scopeshield

When I evaluate a product it is the result of owning that product and then using it. There are no sponsors so my opinions are not presented to satisfy anyone. I hope that they do help in the decision making … Continue reading

Am I Right to Shoot Left (or am I just left of correct)?

The magic happens right before our eyes – or so it seems when shooting a right-handed long gun left-handed. I am right-handed and right eye dominant. For the majority of life I have handled and shot firearms intended for the … Continue reading

Scouting Around – Part I

Take a proven cartridge, for example the .308 Winchester (or 7.62×51 NATO) and then stick that cartridge into the chamber of a rifle weighing about 7-pounds dry with a 18” barrel and you have most of the equation for Jeff … Continue reading

Carrying Spare Ammunition on the Strong Side

I sometimes go against convention. One of those times involve going against the thinking of “experts” that claim spare ammunition should only be carried on the weak side. For most right-handed shooters, that would be behind the left hip. This … Continue reading

Little Big Brother and the Baby Boomer

I have been carrying the XDs 3.3 .45 ACP pistol for a while now (see my review @ http://guntoters.com/blog/2014/05/25/baby-boomer/). For me, it is the perfect pistol for my needs; deep concealment and a powerful package to throw big bullets at … Continue reading

MAKO AR MagazineWELL Grip

Being a left-handed shooter can cause consternation at times. For physical reasons, I have to shoot long guns of higher caliber left-handed. In most case, it does not bother me to shoot a long gun that is intended for right-handed … Continue reading

Harbinger Pro Gloves for Shooting

A lot of shooters dislike wearing gloves when shooting. Some shooters feel it necessary to wear gloves for heavy-recoiling magnums. Some shooters prefer a full-fingered glove while other shooters prefer ½ finger glove. Recently, I ordered a pair of Harbinger … Continue reading