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AR SRC Sights

When I purchased my Windham Weaponry “SRC” a set of open sights had to be chosen for the firearm. I went through several sets and sight combinations before selecting a sight set that would work with the gas bock and … Continue reading

Midwest Industries M1 AK Flash Hider Impact Device (MI-AKFH1) – Product Review

After trying several flash hiders for the RAS47, I finally settled on one that seemed to work the best; the Midwest Industries MI-AKFH1 Flash Hider Impact Device. Of the several flash hiders that I have installed on the RAS47, all … Continue reading

Hi-Point 4595TS Carbine – Product Review, Part 2

I decided to do a Part 2 of the Hi-Point 4595TS to bring out some corrections to Part 1 (see, http://guntoters.com/blog/2016/06/12/hi-point-4595ts-carbine-product-review/) and to present some new information that I thought important to those who may be considering a Hi-Point carbine … Continue reading

Hi-Point 4595TS Carbine – Product Review

I have to admit that a Hi-Point firearm is not one that I would consider in a pistol. Much has been said, videoed, and reviewed about Hi-Point pistols and many of the negatives have been due to the weight and … Continue reading

“Two-Finger” Holstering Technique

I have been playing with a new technique of holstering my firearm lately. For lack of better words to describe it, I call it my “Two Finger” holstering technique. Essentially, the “Two Finger” holster technique provides full coverage of the … Continue reading

Springfield Armory 3.8 Compact 45 vs. Ruger RS1911CMD-A

Let’s talk about apples and oranges. Sometimes when we decide to carry a certain firearm for EDC the choice is simple. We may be a “brandaholic” and choose a pistol by brand regardless of the plusses and minuses of the … Continue reading

Springfield Armory XDm 3.8 Compact 45

When I first became interested in what Springfield Armory had to offer it was in my quest to find a striker-fired polymer pistol (my first Springfield, by the way) as a comparison to the Glock G21 that I had recently … Continue reading

My Stance on Shooting Stances

I recently read a brief by CR Williams at his website (I Wonder Now About the Weaver (http://inshadowinlight.com/index.php/2016/02/24/i-wonder-now-about-the-weaver/)) and I thought that a personal opinion about shooting platforms (stances), even though they have been bantered about on many occasions, could … Continue reading

I Carry a Gun – and it’s Heavy

When I worked as a LEO, in a past lifetime, I carried a lot of equipment on my body. I don’t know what piece of equipment was heavier; the Motorola radio or the Colt Series 80 MK IV “Government” model … Continue reading

Mossberg 500 20-Gauge Tactical Shotgun (54300)

Smooth-bore long guns have been around, well, ever since the age when gunpowder was developed and people figured out that one could stuff a round tube with gunpowder behind other stuff and then send that stuff a great distance by … Continue reading