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Springfield XDs 4.0 9mm Review

I really wasn’t going to do a review on the Springfield XDs 4.0 9mm pistol. I had written a review on the XDs 3.3 and 4.0 45 (see, REFERENCES) and the XDs 4.0 9mm pistol is so closely related to … Continue reading

Beretta CX4 Storm – A Review of “His Shortness”

Carbines have been around since the fighting man realized that he needed a more suitable weapon for close work where a full-length weapon was not feasible to use. Many carbines were simply cut-down version of full-length combat rifles where other … Continue reading

Stoner Holsters Strapless Concealed Carry Shoulder Holster Evaluation

Sizes: Small 18” to 32” Medium 26” to 40” Large 36” to 50” X Large 46” to 60” XX Large 56” to 70” While I consider strong-side carry the most common for me to carry my EDC, I also realize … Continue reading

It’s Not the Odds – It’s the Stakes!

I recently received an e-mail from Caleb Lee at PreparedGunOwners.com and part of his e-mail included the statement, “It’s not the odds. It’s the stakes.” Mr. Lee pointed out, “We don’t carry the gun because of the odds we’re going … Continue reading

A Case for the Modern Musket – the 20-Gauge Shotgun

Anyone looking for an effective home-defense shotgun is often directed toward one of the many 12-gauge law-enforcement-grade tactical models. While I have my favorite and closest shogun, an early Mossberg 500 model 12-gauge, the more recent acquisition of a Mossberg … Continue reading

The Three-Gun Nature

In January of 1982, a song by Hank Williams Jr. arrived on the scene; “A Country Boy Can Survive.” One portion of the song is: “I’ve got a shotgun a rifle and a four wheel drive And a country boy … Continue reading

Holster Cant – What You Can and Can’t Do About It

Is one cant better than the other? The short answer is: that depends. As with most things in life, everything is a trade-off and nothing is a one size fits all. At the end of the day it really comes … Continue reading

The Springfield XDs 4.0 – Caliber Choice and Other Considerations

When Springfield Armory introduced the XDs series of pistols, I was instantly drawn to them. I have carried my share of double-stack pistols in the past, and while I agree that carrying an abundance of ammunition gives one a nice … Continue reading

UTG Accurizing Wedge AR-15 – Product Review

A characteristic of many AR-based MSRs is that they rattle. Specifically, there is slight play between the upper and lower receivers, even with high priced MSRs. I have viewed and read about various techniques to eliminate the upper-to-lower rattle and … Continue reading

Extended Magazine Release – Tactical Solutions – Product Review

The Ruger 10/22 rifle is, no doubt, one of the most highly popular rim fire rifles of today’s time. Folk’s who own these rifles (or the 10/22 based “Charger” pistol), for the most part, have never been satisfied with the … Continue reading