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Minute of Angst!

As general shooters, we sometimes we are caught up in trying to achieve accuracy and precision that it makes an otherwise enjoyable day at the range not so enjoyable. Sometimes when I leave the range, I mentally flagellate myself for … Continue reading

Slingn’ – A Review of the NcStar AAKSB Ak/sks Sling – Black

Long gun slings have two primary purposes; (1) Carry, and (2) Control. The secondary purpose is to snag on anything worth snagging. Having used my share of slings in the over 44-years of shooting, the simple two-point sling continues to … Continue reading

Cold Steel Peace Maker III – Product Review

Looking for an inexpensive knife to throw into an “operator’s bag”, I decided to give the Cold Steel Peace Maker III a try. I like fixed bladed knives and Cold Steel has satisfied my proclivity toward them for a number … Continue reading

Am I Right to Shoot Left, Part 2

In part one of this series, I wrote about some things that a right-handed long gun shooter had to consider when transitioning to left side operations. Specifically, these were safety operation and expended case ejection. While these are not negatives, … Continue reading

Product Review – UTG DS3068 6.4-Inch ITA Red/Green Dot Sight

I have been wanting to change out the current CQB sight on my WW “SCR” with a better sight. The current sight is not bad, but it lacked the dot illumination adjustment that I desire. I found it in the … Continue reading

Product Review – Scopeshield

When I evaluate a product it is the result of owning that product and then using it. There are no sponsors so my opinions are not presented to satisfy anyone. I hope that they do help in the decision making … Continue reading

Am I Right to Shoot Left (or am I just left of correct)?

The magic happens right before our eyes – or so it seems when shooting a right-handed long gun left-handed. I am right-handed and right eye dominant. For the majority of life I have handled and shot firearms intended for the … Continue reading

Scouting Around – Part I

Take a proven cartridge, for example the .308 Winchester (or 7.62×51 NATO) and then stick that cartridge into the chamber of a rifle weighing about 7-pounds dry with a 18” barrel and you have most of the equation for Jeff … Continue reading

Carrying Spare Ammunition on the Strong Side

I sometimes go against convention. One of those times involve going against the thinking of “experts” that claim spare ammunition should only be carried on the weak side. For most right-handed shooters, that would be behind the left hip. This … Continue reading

Little Big Brother and the Baby Boomer

I have been carrying the XDs 3.3 .45 ACP pistol for a while now (see my review @ http://guntoters.com/blog/2014/05/25/baby-boomer/). For me, it is the perfect pistol for my needs; deep concealment and a powerful package to throw big bullets at … Continue reading