Author Topic: 3 handgun retention options for open carry  (Read 1211 times)

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3 handgun retention options for open carry
« on: January 28, 2016, 10:53:23 AM »
The linked article is a good read, but is lacking in quite a few areas.

I would add one area - holster choice.  There is a reason why LEO use high-security holsters. They do not prevent gun grabs any more than gun laws prevent criminals from possessing and/or using guns.  They do; however, assist the LEO in keeping his gun should a bad guy decide that he wants it for his own.

Having taught the Lindell Method of Handgun Retention as a LEO, I can assure you that extreme violence takes place when a bad guy is trying to empty your holster of its content.  In fact, it is a life threatening situation and use of deadly force is well justified by the LEO in order to protect his or her most precious  asset - life.

If you are to carry a handgun in an open manner, ensure that the holster that you are carrying it in has, at least, some sort of retention device. The most popular of these retention devices is the "Thumb Break" and I don't really care what pistol (or revolver) you carry.

While I do have several OWB holsters without one, these holsters are intended for concealed carry beneath an outer layer of clothing.  Any holster that I have that would be worn outside of clothing has a thumb break - period.  In fact, I could elect to wear any of these holsters concealed, because the thumb break adds an extra degree of personal security.

I have seen many people, may pictures, and many videos of people openly carrying a handgun in holsters without a retention device.  And, while it may look cool to have your 1911 in condition 1 sticking out of your custom-made holster with high attention to engraved detail, you may be setting yourself up for disaster.  Even if I carried a Glock, Springfield, Ruger GP1001, or whatever pistol or revolver in an open carry holster (high-ride, mid-ride, low-ride, no matter), it would be secured at least by a thumb break.

A gun grab can occur with your knowledge or not.  A gun grab can come from the front, side, or rear.  Unless you know some techniques to keep your firearm in the holster during a gun grab - you will die by your own gun - period!

The author brings up the point of having a knife available to you for weak side support. I fully concur and is the reason that I carry either a Cold Steel Kobun or a KA-Bar TDI knife on my weak side with the Cold Steel Kobun being my primary choice.  If a miscreant is going to go for my PDA (Personal Defense Assistant), there will be bloody hell to pay for trying to do so - literally.

Anyway, on to the article. I may plan an article on Handgun Retention later on.
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