Author Topic: he robbed 3 stores! Killed one white guy. at the 3rd store someone shot back  (Read 867 times)

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The assailant then shot a customer who was waiting in line. Pleasant Grove police Chief Corky Knight said the gunman ordered everyone inside to the floor. Authorities believe the customer, just 21 years old, panicked and didn't get down fast enough. That is when he was shot.
  "There's no rhyme or reason. There was no struggle. He just got shot,'' said Pleasant Grove police Lt. Danny Reid.

An older man who was a customer inside the Burger King pulled his own gun. The assailant fired four or five shots inside the restaurant but no one was hit. The customer was able to get off one round before the gunman fled.
Time will tell.


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Gosh darn-it! Those pesky gun laws just don't seem to get in the way of a bad guy do they?  I am sure that he was just coming home from the library where he was doing some homework to keep his "A+" grade in school. He wasn't trying to rob these places, he just need some cash to feed his fat self and thought that he could get some cash by selling his totally-legal, bought in a LGS after filling out that pesky Form 4473 and passing the required background check, and just forget it was loaded as he was showing it to a prospective customer who simply trying to take a nap on the floor.  Then, some old white dude went and spoiled his financial transaction by shooting this fine and upstanding yute.

King, of Dolomite, is no stranger to lawmen. He was charged in 2014 after an armed robbery in Hueytown during which there were shots also fired. He was captured after a manhunt in that case, and is currently on probation or parole which authorities said they will now seek to revoke.

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