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Revising the Carry For a Day
« on: October 27, 2015, 11:27:01 AM »
The Rock Island Compact in the modified SHTF Gear IWB Holster


So, I went about the day carrying the Rock Island CS 1911, a version of the "Officer" model pistol.  Sometimes you have to appreciate a lightweight carry pistol, like the Ruger SR1911CMD-A by carrying a heavier pistol.

If you read my review of the Rock Island CS 1911 pistol (, you will find that it is an excellent carry option.  Like the Ruger SR1911CMD-A, the RI CS fits in the same modified SHTF Gear Holster, which no longer has a sweat guard.

With a barrel length of 3.5", the RI CS is quick to come out of the holster.  Like the Ruger SR1911CMD-A, the RI CS sports the Hogue rubber finger-groove wrap-a-round grip.  Aside from a difference in weight (The RI CS is 2.43 pounds loaded, which is still lighter than carrying a fully loaded Ruger S/S GP100 with a 4" barrel), the RI CS feels the same as the Ruger SR1911CMD-A.

Although the grip frame is shorter on the RI CS, a flush fitting 7-round magazine provides a 7+1 capacity - the same as the Ruger.  Unlike the Ruger, running a 8-round magazine extends well below the bottom of the grip.  I use the flush-fitting 7-round magazine as my primary.

I have never had any failures with the RI CS pistol in .45 acp.  Aside from a (I felt) loose thumb safety when the pistol was new, which was rectified by replacing the existing safety and replacing the safety spring, the RI SC has had no issues with feeding anything it is stoked with.

The RI SC has an exceptionally nice trigger for a pistol in this price class.  Now that the pistol has had about 400 rounds through it, the trigger breaks crisp and clean at just over 4.25-pounds. 

While I would desire a better set of sights, the existing sights are combat worthy and the pistol is worthy of daily carry; I would not trust my existence to something that was not trustworthy.

Some might say that weight is a detriment, but when you light off a short-barreled 1911-based pistol every ounce helps in controlling recoil.  The Hogue finger-groove, rubber wrap-a-round grips does an excellent job with recoil and in keeping the pistol in line under fast fire.

While I am not pushing the RI CS, it is an excellent pistol for compact carry. I have come to appreciate the Rock Island line of low cost and high quality pistols - and they seem to keep getting better - according to their latest offering.

NOTE:  You may observe in the lead-in image, the marks of the Ruger SR1911CMD-A just below the holster shell.  This is normal.  With the RI CS; however, full barrel and sight protection is afforded. I have ordered a holster from SHTF Gear that will fully protect the SR1911CMD-A - a 5" unit for the "Government" model 1911.
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