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Ruger SR9c
« on: June 22, 2015, 06:10:56 AM »
I am a fan of Ruger firearms for the most part.  The Ruger line-up of long and short guns have satisfied my needs for sport and defensive firearms. So, if you are considering a compact 9mm for self defense, the Ruger SR9c might be worth considering.

There are a lot of compact pistol choices to get you drooling, for sure.  With that in mind, I would like to pass on some information about one of my favorite firearms, the Ruger SR9c.  I have put around 300 rounds through mine, and along with its bigger brother the SR9, I can say that I would have no qualm about carrying the Ruger SR9c on a daily basis.

Rather than writing a piece the expounds on the virtues of the SR9c (which I may at some point anyway), I am going to defer to Hickock45 to provide that information.  Note that at some point, I hope to bring to you a comparison between the Ruger SR9c and the Springfield XDs in 9mm.  But, and for now, Hickock45 can take up the slack on the Ruger SR9c.

SR9c Review, Part 1
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SR9c Review, Part 2
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