Author Topic: Gary alabama signs now carry the force of law, it is a class c miss.  (Read 1961 times)

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HB 47 was passed.

This law makes it a class c misdemeanor, to try to go past the barrier, and the guard....etc...

Only our AG in letters to people of Bama Carry, defines a unlocked door as a barrier. and the old lady sitting or standing greeting people as the guard.

The law is specific, but the powers that be are twisting things. It will take a court case to settle this.

All the complaints  to the AG, that have been filed for city's posting no gun signs in areas that are not secured per the law, have been returned as valid.

quote from bama carry
"The bill adds a penalty for carrying a firearm in a (B) facility.  HB47 does nothing to clarify what constitutes a (B) facility but we have filed several complaints with the AG and all have come back as "no violation " meaning the Office of the AG thinks they meet the criteria for being a (B) facility even though most of us sane rational people don't see how."

another quote
"If you want to be sure your not violating 61.2 (B) then don't frequent  establishments with "no gun" signs posted. 

I can tell you from our complaints that Luther thinks a water department, a community storm shelter, several colleges, a walking trail, and city hall and some others I am leaving out all meet the requirements to be a gun free zone."
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Time will tell.


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Re: Gary alabama signs now carry the force of law, it is a class c miss.
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There are more and more "brain free" people making these rules up.

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Re: Gary alabama signs now carry the force of law, it is a class c miss.
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Thank you. Will look into it.
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