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NH Now Honors AK & OH. . . State Updates! (UPDATE)
« on: April 15, 2015, 03:53:46 PM »
UPDATE  -  I was incorrect on the date the Tennessee Parking lot storage law goes into effect. It is July 1, 2015. I have also changed the date in the original post below. I apologize for the error.   Gary Slider

New Hampshire has added Alaska back on the list of states it honors. NH removed them late last year and gave no reason. They didnít give a reason for adding them back either. They have added Ohio to the list of states they honor.

Tennessee Ė Effective July 1. Reworded parking lot storage law so employees canít fire a person with a permit keeping their firearm in their locked vehicle on company property. They passed the law previously and the AG put out an opinion stating, they would not be breaking a law but an employer could still  fire an employee for keeping a firearm company  property if it was against their policy. This law change fixed that.

West Virginia - Effective Around June 10. Permit holders can keep their firearm in their locked vehicle on the Capitol Complex. Cleaned up what is considered a Loaded Firearm and carrying a firearm for defensive purposes while hiking in the woods etc. The Governor vetoed  Permitless Carry and since the Legislature session ended an override was not possible under WV law. There is a good chance Permitless Carry will come to West Virginia next year.

Idaho -  Effective July 1. Limited Permitless Carry. Carry outside the limits of an incorporated area does not require any type of permit/license to carry. Rewrote their carry laws to make it easier to understand.

Kansas -  Effective July 1.  Permitless Carry. Allows staff to carry in Schools or other city, county or state buildings if their policies allow it even if posted with proper signage.

Mississippi Ė Effective July 1. Limited Permitless Carry. No Permit needed to carry in a Purse, Briefcase, Fanny Pack. From reading of the law anything that completely encloses the firearm and is carried in the hand or by a strap over the shoulder or around your body outside your clothing would meet the definition of the law. Lowered the cost of permits.

Michigan Ė Effective December 1. Concealed Weapon Licensing Boards will be disbanded and the County Clerk will handle all applications. No more going before the board to get their OK. Meet the requirements and supply the proper documentation and the Clerk will issue the permit.

There are still many good bills in the different states under consideration at the time of this post. The above will be added to their states pages when their new laws take effect. NH, AK and OH updates will go up late tomorrow evening or early Friday.
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Re: NH Now Honors AK & OH. . . State Updates!
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Good stuff. Thanks Gary!

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Re: NH Now Honors AK & OH. . . State Updates!
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It just makes my day to get to read through your list and see Progress!

very exciting!!! ;D
Time will tell.