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Ohio Bill 234 signed by the Governor will go into effect  March 23, 2015  On that date I will updated the Ohio Page.  You can confirm that date Here:

The Long Gun Carry in Vehicles W/O any Type of Permit/License Document link will be added to the links in the left column at in the next few weeks. Feedback on its contents would be very much appreciated. Long Guns Draft can be viewed here:

The Northern Mariana Islands have a bill in to make the Island Shall Issue. They have no carry at this time. A senator in the N. Marianas decided with the 9th Federal Court Rulings they should do something plus a Veteran has filed suit against the Marianas because he canít even own a handgun for self defense. In the Marianas you can only won a .410 shotgun or a 22 rifle. Some .223ís are legal but from all I hear it is a pain in the rear to get one of those. Every firearm is registered. Again this is just a bill and has not been passed and signed and seems to not be going anywhere but look at what is below. I just find it astonishing that any politician could think of such a thing!!  Time will tell! 

 S. B. No  18-69 
(II) A new section is created, which shall read as follows: Firearm Excise Tax
(a) The terms used in this section shall have the same meaning as the terms defined under Section 1 III.
( b) There is hereby imposed upon the manufacturer, producer, or importer of any pistol a tax of $1,000 per pistol.
(c) There is hereby imposed upon the manufacturer, producer, or importer of any shotgun a tax of $1,000, except there shall be no tax under this subsection for any .410 gauge shotgun.
(d) There is hereby imposed upon the manufacturer, producer, or importer of any rifle a tax of $1,000 per rifle, except there shall be no tax under this subsection for any .22 caliber rim fire rifle.
There is no direct link to the N. Marianas bill and the download is over 38meg.

Even if passed this bill could be amended with items either removed or added. Time will tell with this bill also. Only have to look at Ohio and what they have done in the last 10 years since they passed Shall Issue which was very restrictive at first. Over the years things have gotten much better. I look for things to get much better in most of the Shall Issue states in the future.

DC has passed a permanent bill for Concealed Carry. It is not much different from the Emergency Bill. They did add this to the places off limits. "(10) The public memorials on the National Mall and along the Tidal Basin. There are some other small changes. The Mayor has not signed it yet and it will be a couple months before it goes into effect. DC laws are hard to follow in bills. They donít take the original and strike out and add in bold changes like most states do. Then they put in a lot of  Sec 2 of 4501(a)(2) wording XXXX is changed to YYY. So until the bill is incorporated into their ordinances it will be tough to get them 100%.  You can read the Enrolled Permanent Rules Here: also wants to thank everyone who assisted us over the past year.  Donations have helped with the rising costs and we thank each and every one of you that helped with the costs of keeping online. Many of you have sent us information on changes in your state which makes our job much easier. It is you assistance that makes the most up to date source of Handgun laws on the internet. We couldnít do this without your assistance and do send anything you think would be of interest to us. Thank You and may the New Year be all that you are hoping for.   
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