Author Topic: PA to Honor UT Resident Permit Only . . . Some of the 7/1/14 Changes  (Read 1450 times)

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Pennsylvania has announced they have signed an agreement with Utah. As I believed PA would do the signed agreement is for Utah Resident Permits ONLY!

Was going to post this July 1 but will be unavailable and with PA/UT agreement wanted everyone to know. The below take effect July 1 unless otherwise noted.

Arizona now allows Active Military/Vets to apply at 19 Y/O.

Florida can now take their applications to a  Tax Collector and even get fingerprinted. Opens up more places to apply that are closer to home.

Georgia now allows carry in the Non Sterile area of airports. Bar and Church Carry are no longer banned by law. Government buildings must have security to keep permit/license holders out.
Indiana removed their roving school zone law and now allows firearms in vehicles while on school property.

Kansas keeps opening things up for us who carry. State Preemption on Open Carry and the State Capitol building is no longer off limits. They have also Preempted all local knife laws.

Louisiana has added Online Applications/Renewals.

Mississippi has amended their Preemption Law and removed firearms from items that can be restricted in a time of emergency.

Tennessee preempted all local knife laws.

Utah has dropped the price for a Permit/License for Residents.

Virginia has changed their law on carry in vehicles for those without a permit/license.

West Virginia has preempted local restrictions that were grandfathered in the past.

Wisconsin has loosened their restrictions on OC Sprays. New Law does not allow the Justice Department to have rules on OC Sprays.

There are other state laws going into effect that I already added to those state pages over the last couple months. I could just put an effective date on them. Nebraska removed firearms from items that could be restricted doing a declared state of emergency. There are others that I canít remember off the top of my head right now.

Only July 15 Kentucky law changes and will have electronic Applications/Renewals. They also will allow those moving into the state with a permit from a state they have reciprocity with to keep carrying on that permit/license for 120 days if they contact the proper authorities and apply for a Kentucky license.

I want to thank all those who have given me a heads up on changes in their state in the past. I canít see them all especially the little changes that donít get any mention in the press. Case in point. Wisconsinís legislature removed the ability of the State Justice Dept. to issue Administrative Rules on Defensive Sprays. This removed some restrictions on Defensive Sprays. A person in the WI Justice Dept let me know about that. Again Thanks to everyone who has assisted me in the past. I couldnít do this without your assistance!

I have always listed Casinos as Off Limits in Delaware by law as those in authority and even firearms trainers in DE were telling me that. I and others could never find any wording in DE Statutes or their Administrative Rules stating that firearms were by law not allowed in Casinos. will always err on the side of caution. Emailing with those in DE trying to get a correct answer on this issue. No one can give us any Law/Rule that states this and many are now saying this is one of those Urban Legends that just keeps going.  I was told that all the Casinos in DE are posted.

If you have time and would like to assist check out this website I came across.
It says it explains your rights when interacting with the police. I havenít had time to look at it closely but it looks interesting and would appreciate your feedback on its content. 

Happy Birthday America and everyone have a safe 4th of July long weekend!!!!
Stay Safe,
Gary Slider
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Re: PA to Honor UT Resident Permit Only . . . Some of the 7/1/14 Changes
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Thanks Gary and same to you!


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Re: PA to Honor UT Resident Permit Only . . . Some of the 7/1/14 Changes
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Thanks Gary.
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