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North Carolina . . . Mississippi . . . Arkansas Information
« on: October 04, 2013, 06:32:55 PM »
North Carolina’s new laws went into effect October 1. Carry in restaurants that serve alcohol is now legal. Plus some places that were off limits in the past have been removed. Places that charge admission was  removed. This leaves only South Carolina and Louisiana that don’t allow carry in restaurants that serve alcohol. Montana doesn’t allow Concealed Carry in restaurants that serve alcohol. Open Carry is required in restaurants that serve in Montana.

Mississippi AG has issued an Opinion that those with the Mississippi Enhanced Permit can carry in Schools. There was debate that the Enhanced Permit allowed carry in schools. The Enhanced Endorsement requires more training and makes many places off limits to regular permit holders not off limits to those with the Enhanced Endorsement. Only Mississippi Residents with an Enhanced Permit can carry in schools. Mississippi has stated that only resident permit holders can get the Enhanced Endorsement. Those carrying in Mississippi on another states permit/license (MS Honors All Other States)  even with similar training as required for the MS Enhanced permit can’t carry in places off limits the same as Mississippi Residents WITHOUT the Enhanced Endorsement. You can read the AG’s opinion here on carry in Schools.

With a new law that took effect 8/16/13 Arkansas would honor all other states Permit/Licenses. But Arkansas was telling Idaho on 9/17/13 they would not honor their permit as it was a weapons permit and not a Handgun or Firearms Permit. They would only honor Permit/Licenses that allowed for the carrying of firearms not other weapons. Seeing this written in a letter to the Idaho AG’s office contacted Arkansas Carry and within 36 hours Idaho had a new memo stating they would honor their permit. I am not sure who made this decision in the Arkansas State Police Licensing Unit but it was quickly overturned. Arkansas Carry did a fantastic job of getting this straightened out and in no time at all. I also want to thank “Mike” who sent the information on this that we passed on to Arkansas Carry.
You can see the first document that AR sent to ID saying they would not honor their permit Here:
You can see their follow up letter saying they would honor their permit Here:

Changes in states firearm laws will slow down now until after the 1st of the year. Mid October to the beginning of the year is usually a slow time for changes. This has been a very busy year for major changes. Illinois will keep implementing their Concealed Carry law but do not have to make applications available until the new year gets here. All reports that I am reading are stating that the IL State Police will be overwhelmed with applications.
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Re: North Carolina . . . Mississippi . . . Arkansas Information
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Thanks Gary!
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Re: North Carolina . . . Mississippi . . . Arkansas Information
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Thanks Gary!
exciting news...
but I bet things take off again real soon...
Time will tell.