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Virginia has removed Missouri from the list of states they honor. I do not know the reason why they removed Missouri.   Missouri honors all other states permit/licenses. This is what the Virginia Citizens Defense League  sent out in an updated about this:

ď Missouri concealed handgun permits are no longer honored in Virginia.  I have not yet had time to see what happened.  But we need to fix this situation permanently by honoring ALL other permits.  VCDL will work yet again to get such a bill passed during the next General Assembly session.Ē   

The Missouri AG was still listing Nevada and Virginia as states that honor their Permit/License to Carry.  I contacted them last Friday and Monday they updated their listing.   The Missouri AG doesnít have someone watching all those other states. They were listing those states to assist their residents to keep them informed of where their Missouri Permit/License was valid. I sent the email because people were emailing me telling me had incorrect data and that NV honored MO. One guy got very nasty.  Sent them to to see for themselves. Never got an apology from the nasty guy. I have to say I have only gotten three emails like that over the years and all were just misinformed.  UPDATE: I got a very nice email (9/19/13) from the MO AGís Office thanking me for pointing out that they still listed NV and VA. Very nice to hear from them and the Thank You was very much appreciated.   

But then the Alabama AG has not updated his website  Starting Aug 1 Alabama honored all other states. His website doesnít show that. No reply from an email to him on why the delay on updating  his site. One AL Sheriff has it worded on his FAQs      Another has the new law posted on his site.  I know the difficulties of keeping info up to date and States have a lot more pages to watch over than I do. Many times they just need a heads up and they take care of it. Canít fix something if you donít know itís broken.
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Re: VA Drops MO. . . MO AG Site Updated . . . AL AG Out of Date Info
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As always, thanks Gary!
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Re: VA Drops MO. . . MO AG Site Updated . . . AL AG Out of Date Info
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thank you
Time will tell.