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I found it!
Posted by - trophyhunter join date nov 2009

Interesting Situation & Outcome while Carrying Concealed.
Good Evening All,
I've been a member of USCCA for 2 years now I've been Carrying Concealed for over 20 Years, And in those 20
years I never had a situation unfold, As the events did at my good friends end of year party at his HUNTING cabin.
On Saturday September 03,2011 while at the cabin enjoying the Food, and the company of my hunting partners,
and good friends. we were inside finishing dinner, there were about 15 people inside, and it was extremely warm. I
decided to remove my outer shirt I knew I had my 1911 at my 3 O'clock and also new that many of my friends
were also Carrying. After I removed my outer shirt I heard a women's voice HE'S GOT A GUN. no big deal right,
Wrong This lady who I didn't know began to literally throw a fit because I was Carrying. Let me add this This Lady,
and her boyfriend were invited by one of our buddies girlfriend. they were co- workers.
She began to read me the riot act, and before any of us could react, her boyfriend entered the Conversation
agreeing with his Girlfriend that Carrying a Handgun was a bad Idea. at First I was nice, and advised the both of
them That I'm an Legal Permit holder. When she began to ask me why I felt the need to Carry an Handgun. I
honestly didn't want to debate with her my reasoning for Carrying. Even a few a my close friends, revealed to this
couple, that they were also carrying their weapons as well. At first, I thought this was a joke, and Brian (owner of
cabin) was setting me up for a good practical joke, But I could tell by the look on his face it wasn't a joke. Now
because I was representing all CCW Holders I was very respectful, and patient. after listening to the both of them
basically telling I was a bad person my patience was wearing thin and very quickly.
At this point Brian ask the couple to politely leave his cabin, he apologized to them but advised them them it would
be best for all if they just called it a night and went on their way. they Protested and began to call me and Brian
some pretty bad names we followed them out side we had to move some trucks around so they could get out. the
whole time outside they still continued to verbally assault me which I ignored again. Now Here is the Great Part
while a few of the guys were moving vehicles around this loud mouth lady reached in to her bag and pulled out a
pipe and lite it. It was Pot her and her boyfriend stood there in front of all of us and smoked illegal drugs. I at this
point read her the riot act pertaining to use of Narcotics and advised them how illegal it was to smoke and be in
possession of narcotics. at which point she said that pot was different and it couldn't shoot someone nor does it hurt
Now I'm really pissed that she and him would have the gall to question me about legally carrying my sidearm while
they stood there and used narcotics in front of us. But instead of adding more fuel to the fire I kept my mouth shut.
They got in their car and drove off so we thought. What they did was go to the end of the road and proceeded to call
the Sheriffs Dept telling them that there was several men carrying handguns and had forced them to leave the
party. the sheriffs not knowing the whole story came in full force it was pretty scary for the first 2-3 minutes thank
god that 1 of our friend knew the one deputy and dis-fused the situation. as we were explaining the situation the the
deputies the couple drove back down the driveway exited their vehicle pointed at me and said that's the guy.
from which the deputy advised the couple that we were all legally armed citizens . Now here is best part as this dip
sh __ lady was yelling at the deputy that I should be arrested for threatening them. the deputy ask her Mam have you
used any narcotics this evening I smell a strong odor of pot coming from you and your vehicle. she said yes but Im
not driving. the deputy ask if he could search her and her bag. she agreed. he found a pretty good size amount of
pot in her bag. on went the cuffs and she was barking the whole time saying this isnt fair I called you guys to help
us now your arresting me. the deputy said YEP I sure am. then the deputies went to the boyfriend which they
witnessed him drive in began to question him about drinking and driving and also smoking pot as well after a few
field tests on went the cuffs, and after they ran his name he had a suspended drivers license now everyone is doing
their best not to bust out into laughter but we could not help ourselves. even the deputies were coming apart. now
she is looking at me from back seat of sheriffs car calling me every name in the book.
and telling me this is all my fault. because If I hadn't been Carrying a weapon they wouldn't be in the situation they
were in when I said to her see Carrying a weapon not only protects myself and my family from all threats in more
ways than one. so in the end she was charged with possession of a controlled substance, and disorderly conduct, he
was charged with driving under the Influence, driving on a revoke license, possession of a controlled substance &
disorderly conduct. and there vehicle was towed. and finally they re leaving not in the way they imagined the
deputies were very professional and understanding. we offered them some food and apologized for the trouble they
advised us no trouble at all and said to us before they left HOW STUPID CAN TWO PEOPLE BE.......... Sorry for this
post being so long but it was the only way to fully explain the situation. thanks to all for reading...
Time will tell.


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Seems like I remember reading this same story "over there" while I was still a member.

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I remember it.

It was a great comeuppance story.


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Yes, I saw that thread in the old forum when he initially posted it.

This proves that liberal hoplophobia IS a mental disease.

TrophyHunter left the forum before we were able to find out the final outcome of the case.

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I do recall that story but I also recall that it was never verified.
Not that it isn't a great story, and I love it BUT????
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I also remember the story from uscca, but don't know the person that posted it
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