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The Idaho BCI is reporting there is reciprocity with SC and Idaho’s Enhanced Permit. They have jumped the gun. If you read the correspondences between SC and ID you will see that SC is stating they will honor the ID Enhanced but only after they have a signed agreement.  ID did send SC a draft agreement but neither is reporting that an agreement has been signed. SC law requires a signed agreement. I mention this as I have received half a dozen emails telling me ID and SC have reciprocity. SC has not signed an agreement yet. You can read the back and forth with BCI and SLED Here:

Arkansas is still in flux. Their new law goes into effect Aug. 16. Some are saying that AR is a Permitless Carry state and Open Carry is legal while those in Authority in the AR government are stating that AR is not a Permitless Carry state and that Open Carry is not legal in AR even with a valid Permit/License.  The AR AG has even put out an opinion on the new law stating Open Carry is not legal. I see the courts making the final decision on just what the new Arkansas law means. You can see that opinion by the AG that Open Carry is Not Legal Here:

Mississippi’s Open Carry Law is still on hold and in the courts.  Some county Sheriff’s are stating Open Carry is legal in their county while others are not at this time. Again recommends you not Open Carry in Mississippi until the courts make a decision.

I just came back from assisting Massad Ayoob in a MAG 40 Class. Mas and an Attorney there both stated to the class that in a court of law stating you were carrying under “Constitutional Carry” could open a can of worms. If Massad Ayoob and an Attorney who have been in the courtroom and have seen how the system works and what can cause a problem I listen. I can’t explain it all in this short post but have ask Mas to make a blog post about it. Mas stated: Use the term “Permitless Carry. “   I have changed the wording on the site to Permitless Carry and have removed “Constitutional Carry and put Permitless Carry on the State Pages/Documents  where it was listed.

This has been a hectic couple months. With many changes in state laws and many items on the site needing updated. I have made more updates to the site in the last couple months than I made in the previous 12 months.  I want to thank all those who assisted me in making sure everything was correct and correcting some omissions or expanding certain items for better clarity.  Your assistance was invaluable! Thank You! I couldn’t do this without your assistance. will be updated Late Thursday 8/15/13 to show the latest changes mentioned above that go into effect on that date.
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As always, thanks Gary!  Your work is invaluable to us!
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Rock on Gary!