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AMAZING story of survival
« on: November 05, 2012, 06:59:29 PM »

An AMAZING story of survival from one of the (The Well Armed Woman) TWAW fans. She shares to inspire women to take the responsibility of their own protection. Read and be inspired!

In August of 1988, I was asked if I would drive to Houston to pick up a friend. At the time my vehicle didn't have air conditioning so I opted to drive at night because of the heat.  On the way, about 4 a.m. my vehicle broke down on the interstate. I proceeded to push my vehicle onto an exit ramp when a car stopped behind me. This man got out and asked if I needed help? He offered to pull my vehicle to a service station just off the ramp. When we got there the station was closed so he offered to take me to the all-night donut shop until the station opened.

I said I would stay with my vehicle and he said it was not a very good part of town and he would feel better if I went to this store, he said I would be safer.At that point he said he had 6 sisters and would want someone to help them if they were broken down.

So I believed him and got into his vehicle. I asked where this store was locat
ed? He gave me the directions to the store and off we went. After we had driven about a mile he asked me how old I was, then I knew I was in trouble. I reached down and took out my .38 special and just held it down by my right leg.

As we reached the intersection he made a wrong turn, I said you went the wrong way, he didn't respond, just continued to drive. We reached another intersection, he took a left and the pavement ended.

I said just stop and I will walk back to my vehicle. He slammed on the brakes and grabbed my blouse and pulled me over to him and said not until I have me some sex. I raised my hand with the .38 and said get out of the car. He said you have a gun, I then screamed get out of the car.I took his car back to the interstate and went past my vehicle looking for something open. I can't tell you how far I drove, but probably not more than a mile or two. I asked the lady to call the police for me and when the State Cop got there and heard my story he said you should have shot the son-of-a-b****.

I did not have a concealed weapon permit, but never went anywhere without my gun. When the Cop took my handgun I told him I did not have a permit to carry, but I would pay a fine for having it because I was alive to pay the fine. After everything was finished and I was released to leave, he unloaded my gun and handed it back to me, then said be careful with this. I said yes sir, thanked him and reloaded my gun and placed it back in my bag in front of him. Shortly after that incident I got my first concealed permit and have been well armed legal for the last twenty four years.

The moral of my story is: If I had not had protection I would not be here today to share this story with you. BTW, that man had raped someone two weeks earlier and was out on bail...he went to court and got twelve years for rape and intended rape of me. I don't feel justice was served but we take what we can get.

You can read more stories here:


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Re: AMAZING story of survival
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Kudos to her for being smart enough to carry and defend herself.
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Re: AMAZING story of survival
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Applause to the woman
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Re: AMAZING story of survival
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Applaud the Woman & the LEO's for not being a**hats. :-* ;)
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