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Point Drills, Variation Two
« on: February 28, 2012, 06:04:04 AM »
This can be done as a stand-alone drill, but I would recommend you combine it with the Variation One drill:

There are two parts to this drill, both involving an extension and presentation of the gun to the point.

First, assume a close-contact ready or the #3 position of the drawstroke, the point where you have joined hands but the gun is still in close. Focus on your focus point and extend the gun to that point to where you have the sights on, in line, with proper alignment and proper sight picture. This can also be done from Sul. The point is to do a smooth and even extension to the firing point. Emphasize control and keeping the gun level; you should be able to fire a round at any point of the movement that would still impact on the body of a target along the centerline somewhere.

Extend the gun smoothly, check your orientation and alignment, bring the gun back, repeat.

Part two is to practice the full drawstroke to the focus point. Go from the holster, from under your normal cover unless you have a duty rig or habitually open-carry. Do a complete and focused drawstroke that ends with correct alignment and orientation to your focus point. Check that, return to the holster, repeat.

Do just these movements for a bit, then execute a trigger press just like you did in Variation One. So you do the extension or drawstroke, you end 'on' your sights, and you perform the proper, smooth, straight trigger press at the end.

Work on this for a while and then we'll add some more to it.
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