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UT. . IN. . IA. . TN. . GA. . Updates
« on: May 16, 2019, 05:31:20 PM »
Utah  - Effective 7/1/19  If you can legally possess a firearm and have a protective order you can carry a concealed handgun anywhere a person with a valid permit to carry can carry their firearm. Valid for 120 days from date on order. You must apply and receive your permit before the 120 days runs out or you can no longer carry.  Per  HB0243

Indiana –  Effective when bill was signed, “Immunity for Justified Use of Force” statute has been added to their statutes.  Effective 7/1/19 there are costs reductions for  Indiana’s different permits. The law also allows for the possession of a 5 year and lifetime license at the same time. You can read the bill here for all the details.

Iowa – Effective 7/1/19 Per Senate File 188 the carrying of a contact stun gun on colleges campuses will be legal. The law is specific and won’t allow for Tasers or what the law states is a projectile type stun gun. You can read the bill at

Tennessee – Effective 7/1/19  HB No. 41 States:  “Upon request by a permit holder or permit applicant who is in the United States armed forces and stationed outside this state, the department shall issue a permit containing zeros in place of an expiration date.”

Tennessee - Also effective 7/1/19 -  SB 1347 states that Law Enforcement with 10 years or more of service if residing in Tennessee when applying can obtain a lifetime permit for no charge.

Georgia – Effective 7/1/19 – Active Military if stationed outside Georgia can carry on their expired Georgia Permit for up to six months after discharge or reassignment inside Georgia but must have official orders or written verification from their commanding officer. You can read HB33 at:  has added a listing of all the states with Permitless Carry and a short description and a link to the states statutes that provides for Permitless Carry. The link is in the left column of the main page at      I like to make documents fit on one page and have added a link on the document for a printer friendly edition of the document.  Some pages when converted to PDF’s break at odd places so the document can be up to a paper size of 8 ½ X 20. I have also put printer friendly links to the States Honoring my Permit and Permits My State Honors Documents.
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Re: UT. . IN. . IA. . TN. . GA. . Updates
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2019, 02:02:05 PM »
You know the most interesting thing I noticed about this above posted list and the Handgunlaw's List?
I do not think any of the listed states have had what is commonly referred to as a "Mass Shooting"??
I have not verified this and will attempt to do so . . . .  .
Anybody else notice anything that I may have missed???
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