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Highly Addictive Cole Slaw
« on: December 14, 2018, 07:59:24 PM »
Highly Addictive Cole Slaw(Jean calls it “cabbage candy”)

14oz pkg. cole slaw mix
About six loosely-packed cups of 1/3 shredded white cabbage, 1/3 shredded red cabbage, and 1/3 shredded carrot,
About 1/4 bottle (3oz) thinly-sliced pickled ginger (as for sushi), or more, to taste,
Seasoned Rice Vinegar to taste.

• In our local market, one can buy a plastic bag containing 14oz of dry cole slaw mix. That works, or you can shred your own. Put it in a large bowl.
• Pickled ginger comes in liquid (vinegar?) in a 12oz jar, also in our local market. When you extract the required portion of ginger from the bottle, leave as much of the liquid behind as possible.
• Coarsely chop the thin-sliced ginger. Add it to the shredded vegetables.
• Add the ginger’s liquid to the shredded vegetables, leaving enough in the bottle to cover the remaining pickled ginger.
• Mix the resultant cole slaw. Taste it. Add seasoned rice vinegar (also in the market) as needed, probably less than 1/4 cup, to moisten the cole slaw and to complete the flavor.
• Toss well and serve.

Just try to stop eating it, maybe after your third serving!
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