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Nebraska – Governor  Pete Ricketts signed LB 902 which makes information in the application for and issued permits to carry concealed firearms private. That means only Law Enforcement can access such information.    It will go into effect 3 months after the Nebraska Legislature session ends. You can read the bill here.

Massachusetts – In 2016 the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that Stun Devices didn’t fall under the 2nd Amendment and could be banned. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against them and ruled that Stun Devices were covered under the 2nd Amendment and sent the case back to the Mass Supreme Court to Rehear. They never mentioned in their latest they were overturned and were completely wrong so they stated they were covered under the 2nd and that the state could not ban them but could regulate them like firearms. As of this post a bill has been introduced concerning stun devices and from what is showing up in the press it is very restrictive. Time will tell.

Tennessee - House Bill 2370 was signed into law and is effective immediately.    Wording was changed in Tennessee Statute  “39-17-1359 -  Prohibition at Certain Meetings —Posting Notice.”
“Prohibited” was replaced with “Prohibited and Restricted” and then they added wording so only Open Carry could/would be probibited/restricted.  is not sure what brought on this change in Tennessee Code. Was it just to add something about Open Carry so it is covered in the statutes or other reasons?  Hopefully someone from Tennessee with more knowledge of this bill will chime in. You can read HB 2360 at the first link below and read all of  39-17-1359 for context at the second link.

Still a lot of bills in the different states still going through the process.   Changes in effect have been added to and those with effective dates in the future will be added at that time. If things hold true there will be a new bill signed within hours of me posting this update that would have been included with this posting. Seems like it happens every time!  Such is life!
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Re: Nebraska. . . Massachusetts. . . Tennessee . . . Updates
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Thanks Gary!