Author Topic: ROCHESTER, MN An altercation between a licensed firearms carrier and...  (Read 22 times)

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...a juvenile following a minor car accident resulted in the death of the teen, and the arrest of the shooter.


The old saying about what you say can, and will, be used against you also applies to other things - like bumper stickers.
What most 21st Century Americans simply do not grasp is that the Constitution and Bill of Rights were not written to to give rights to the citizens of our then-new nation, but was instead written to tightly constrain the federal government.

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One who carries needs to have a "Gray Man" attitude when it comes to bringing the law down on them. No bumper stickers or tactical clothing, or anything to bring attention to a predisposed combat mindset.

One also needs to watch what he post on gun blogs because one's whole life will come into play after he is forced into a self defense situation. Looking into computer activity looms large on anyone anymore.

I pray "often" that I will never face a bad situation again, but some people "these days" have no regard for his fellow man. 

This story will be labeled "road rage" to make bigger headlines in the media. That will be another obstacle this guy's defense team will need to fight, let alone the bumper sticker. Why do that?

This guys future will be in the tanks for the rest of his life, over a bumped fender and allowing this confrontation to happen. The grey man would have stayed in the locked car and called 911. Don't be a willing partner in a situation going south. Avoid at all cost, if possible.

By the way, I would make a guess that the witness' testimony is questionable, from the info we have.