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SC/GA Reciprocity. . . AL. . . NH. . . . DC…. Updates
« on: June 03, 2016, 10:36:39 AM »
The Governor of South Carolina has signed Bill 3799 and as of today South Carolina and Georgia honor each other’s permit/license to carry.  Georgia’s reciprocity law states they will automatically honor any state that honors them. The SC bill actually states GA and NC. Those are the only two states that boarder SC. With NC also listed even if NC would change their laws and no longer meet the requirements of SC statute on honoring other states they would continue to honor NC.

The Alabama Governor has signed HB98 which reduces the cost for permits for “Retired Veterans” to $00.00  The new law takes effect on or about Aug. 1, 2016. They still must apply and renew but at no charge.                        

The New Hampshire Supreme Court struck down the Administrative Rule that a Non-Resident applying for a New Hampshire Permit had to have a permit from his state of residence. This rule was adopted in 2013 and is now null and void.

DC has obtained a stay on the Federal Court Ruling that their “Just Cause” for issue was most likely Unconstitutional. It will now most likely be tied up in the courts for a long period of time. will be updated late this evening on the change in SC law. If you would like to help there is something you can do. Look at your states page. Check the links and make sure they work. States will update a page and move it to a new URL. The old one is still there and our link is still to the old page. Then with elections new officials redesign their page and move everything. There are about 1000 links on the state and possession pages. If you find a broken link or an out of date one please send us an email at and just let us know it is not working or out of date. We can take it from there. Thank You!
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