Author Topic: LOLROF - Rob a taxi, in front of a officer.... talk about not tunnel vision.  (Read 819 times)

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 ;D ;D

At Reading, do not pass Go, Go Directly to Jail..... 8)

Video is good.

READING, Pa. - A would-be robber in Pennsylvania had some pretty poor timing when he pulled a gun on his taxi driver with a sheriff's deputy behind him, police say
A Berks County sheriff's deputy approached the cab after it failed to move through a green light Monday afternoon in Reading.
Surveillance video from inside the cab, obtained by WFMZ-TV shows the deputy's cruiser pulling up behind the Reading Metro taxi on a city street.
Shortly after that, a passenger in the back seat wearing a white hoodie and a mask covering his face aims a gun at the driver through the partition.
As the panicked driver tells him he has no money, he notices the deputy approaching the cab.
The robber apparently tries to get out of the taxi and run as Deputy Terry Ely asks if there's a problem
Time will tell.