Author Topic: another example of how women can defend themselves.... not the lib way  (Read 684 times)

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LOUISVILLE, KY --  It was a suspenseful January night as a man suspected of trying to rob a woman at knife point was instead shot by the would-be victim in Louisville, Kentucky.

Police said a man was captured on surveillance camera stalking the woman. He eventually follows right behind as she heads into an elevator at a parking garage.
Time will tell.


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Thanks Robert. I will be sure to show this post to my wife Julie.


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Q: Sir, do you have a frog in your throat?
A: No, it is actually a breathing tube?

And to the lady - Get a better gun - one that fires on the first shot!

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Now Hes Sporting A Breathing Tube: Woman Shoots Mall Stalker In The Throat After He Pulls A Knife
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Nice work young lady, but agree, you should rethink the firearm
Shawn, Stay armed, Stay safe