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Virginia, DE, FL, GA, NE, ME & SD. . . Especially DE!!
« on: February 27, 2016, 04:20:51 PM »
The Virginia Governor has signed the bills to take care of the AG dropping 25 states. The bill doesn’t take effect until  July 1, 2016 and then Virginia will honor all states. The Virginia Citizens Defense League is reporting that Virginia State Police will update their site 2/29 to state they will continue to honor all the states they reported they would drop.  They will also contact all the states affected telling them they will continue to honor them. A few of those states are reporting they will drop VA on 3/1/16. VA did a good job of informing those states of the date they would drop them being pushed back from 2/1 to 3/1.  Do check further if you are a VA resident traveling to make sure that the other state/s still honor the VA permit. Some states are very slow at updating their websites to reflect changes. For a case in point see what Delaware has been doing over the years at the bottom of this post.

For those not familiar with go to the site and click on the state initials on the main page map. That states page will open. In the  top right column of each states page are links mainly to that states websites. Click on the Reciprocity Link and you will be able to see a list of states that state honors that the state puts out. If they don’t have a listing it is because they just state they honor all states.

New Hampshire, Florida and Georgia now honor the Maine permit. This means Maine will honor all three of theirs as Maine’s law states they will honor anyone who honors them. Maine is still not posting a list of states that honor them but only states they have signed an official agreement with. The State Police don’t want to take responsibility for listing states that honor them. They just list a link to their reciprocity law. Though Maine went permitless carry they still don’t honor all other states. It does make a difference having a permit Maine issues or honors. See the Maine Page at for places off limits for those carrying under Permitless Carry.

NH -
FL -
GA -
Nebraska and Delaware now honor the South Dakota Enhanced Permit only. South Dakota honors all other states.
NE -
DE - keeps all the updates made to pages over the years but does removed them from pages only leaving updates that have been made over the last couple years. This is for space considerations. Below are some selected page updates for the Delaware State Page:

7/8/09 – DE now honors VA
9/7/10 – DE & SC Signed Reciprocity Agreement
1/20/11 – DE removed SC as a state they would honor. No Agreement Existed.
11/2/11 – DE Now Honors New Mexico
5/18/12 -  DE has dropped NM as a state it will honor.   
5/23/12 – DE has added NM back as a state it will honor.
11/2/12 – Removed NM as a state DE Honors.
12/11/12 – DE no longer honors Virginia
1/28/13 – DE Has Added VA Back On List of States It Will Honor
12/6/13 - Delaware No Longer Honors Virginia
1/31/14 – DE again Honors Virginia.
2/5/14 – DE Has Removed Virginia from the list of states they honor.
12/9/15 – Delaware Now Honors New Mexico

DE doesn’t seem to know what they are doing and it seems no one is even in charge of keeping things straight. In Dec 2015 I contacted Delaware and talked directly to them after finding an email address for someone who could answer my questions. After they looked they contacted me back and said they did have an agreement with New Mexico and added New Mexico back on their list. Now after not listing Virginia as a state they honored since 2/5/14 on their listing of states they honor they posted  this on their reciprocity list on  2/25/16 putting Virginia back on the list only to say they are dropping them in 5 days.

VIRGINIA (Reciprocity with VA will be revoked as of 3/1/2016)

It is the DE Attorney General's website that has their listing of states they honor. As you can see they have been screwing things up for years and nothing has changed.  You can see the DE AG  listing Here:
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