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Ruger SR1911CMD vs. SR1911CMD-A for CC

I have written separate reviews for the Ruger SR1911CMD (Ruger SR1911CMD (Model No. 6702) – Owner’s Review: https://guntoters.com/blog/2016/01/12/ruger-sr1911cmd-model-no-6702-owners-review/) and the Ruger SR1911CMD-A (Ruger’s SR1911CMD-A is an A+ Winner!: https://guntoters.com/blog/2015/08/25/rugers-sr1911cmd-a-is-an-a-winner/). This begs the question; “which of the two is the best … Continue reading


Springfield Armory 3.8 Compact 45 vs. Ruger RS1911CMD-A

Let’s talk about apples and oranges. Sometimes when we decide to carry a certain firearm for EDC the choice is simple. We may be a “brandaholic” and choose a pistol by brand regardless of the plusses and minuses of the … Continue reading