Elftmann Drop-In Single Stage Match Trigger for .308 / AR10 Rifles (Also 7.62x39mm MSRs)

The day arrived when I received the Windham Weaponry R20FFTM-308 for evaluation.  This was not any Windham Weaponry R20FFTM-308, mind you. I had requested that the Elftmann Drop-In Single Stage Match Trigger be installed.  I wanted to evaluate both the R20FFTM-308 and the Elftmann Drop-In Single Stage Match Trigger, because if the trigger was all that was being touted about it, the “Windham Weaponry 7.62×39 SRC” would be fitted with one.

On previous occasions, I had simply dropped my MSRs off with my favorite and certified armorer and let him slick up the actions.  The Windham Weaponry R20FFTM-308 is an important firearm to me; however, and I wanted the ‘factory best’ working their magic installing the trigger pre-shipment.

From the Manufacturer:

The ELF Drop-In AR-10 Trigger has been built to withstand the punishment of high powered calibers. It is the only AR trigger using aircraft needle bearings for an incredibly smooth and fast trigger pull. The heavy hammer combined with .043 double double-wound polished piano wire hammer spring ensures full ignition of any ammo including .308 and 7.62×39. Pull weight from 2 3/4 lbs. to 4 lbs. is easy to adjust – can be done in seconds without removing the trigger from your lower receiver. This strong, light trigger system is made of wire EDM machined, hardened A2 tool steel and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. Installation can be done in minutes using your AR’s original hammer and trigger pins. The amazingly short take-up, glass-rod crisp break and next to zero over-travel can be compared to the finest custom 1911 triggers. 100% made in America with a Lifetime Guarantee by Elftmann.


  • Fits any mil-spec AR-15 (Large pin Colt available).
  • Absolutely Drop-Safe regardless of pull-weight.
  • Exclusive double-wound hammer spring and heavy hammer ensure proper ignition of any ammunition.
  • Very short pull and reset allows for rapid follow up shots and greater accuracy.
  • Sturdy trigger assembly designed for rugged, trouble-free use – made of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and hardened steel.
  • Unique design of disconnect allows full 1/4” width eliminating possibility of wear and double-firing.
  • High performance trigger and hammer needle bearings for smoother and faster firing.

While I received the Windham Weaponry R20FFTM-308 with the Elftmann Drop-In Single Stage Match Trigger installed, you will not be so fortunate unless you order a MSR with the trigger already installed, which means you need to know how to install it.

Installation Instructions:

Erik Winter (Windham Weaponry Gunsmith) has put together a tutorial regarding the installation of the Elftmann trigger in your MSR.  Go to: https://www.windhamweaponry.com/newsletter-vol-5-issue-11/.

I was considering asking Erik for a copyright release that would allow me to include the instructions in this review, but decided that since Erik did such a fine job of explaining how to install the trigger I would only add confusion by my ramblings’. Sometimes, it’s just better to let the professionals work. Besides, you want to know how this trigger benefits you’re shooting vs. the cost of admission, I am to assume. After all, we are not talking about an inexpensive trigger here.

Under Fire!

I could sum this up with one word – fabulous! But, that would not convey much information would it?

The Elftmann Drop-In Single Stage Match Trigger came factory-set (from Windham Weaponry) with a pull weight of 3.0 pounds (average). I hear some of you saying, “That’s not all that light!” and others saying, “It should be lighter!”  To those I say, “Shoot with this trigger installed and then come back and talk to me!”

At the range, the trigger was exceptional. There is no take-up and no discernable over-travel. You place your finger on the trigger and it ready to pull, and you better be on target when you apply pressure to it. To some, three pounds of pull seems heavy, but you have to experience pulling it in ‘real world’ conditions and that means the firearm is locked, loaded, and ready to fire.

With many triggers that I have worked with, the concentration is not on the shot but on pulling the trigger and waiting for it to break. How many times have you asked when this trigger is going to break, or it sometimes surprises you and breaks early.  The trigger break, as you may know, is supposed to be a surprise, although I don’t always go with that notion. There are times when I want to know when the trigger is going to break, and with the Elftmann Drop-In Single Stage Match Trigger that is possible. The only play is going to be with the padding of my fingertip and not any in the trigger.

Pull is consistent from shot to shot, and that helps you become a consistent shooter, if you do the other parts that contribute to that.

To summarize

Windham Weaponry R20FFTM-308 w/Elftmann Drop-In Single Stage Match Trigger Installed.

As I mentioned, I have had a competent, qualified, skilled, and trusted armorer do some trigger jobs for me on MSRs, and he had done admirable work, but his work does not come close to my experience with Elftmann Drop-In Single Stage Match Trigger.  But, is it worth the cost of the trigger?

I have to leave cost vs. benefit up to the reader.  There are several fine drop-in triggers for MSR that include; CMC, Timney, and Geissele at less cost than the Drop-In Single Stage Match Trigger. You may also be skilled enough to do your own trigger job with a kit like the Geissele 2-Stage Trigger or, like me, have a competent and qualified armorer available to you. But for me, and to have a completely adjustable trigger from 2.5 Lbs. to 4 Lbs. with no take-up and over-travel, it is worth the cost, at least this one time with the Windham Weaponry R20FFTM-308 rifle in which it is mounted. The features of the Elftmann Drop-In Single Stage Match Trigger are far superior to those other triggers (IMHO)

The Elftmann Drop-In Single Stage Match Trigger is available for MSRs chambered in caliber .308/7.62x39mm and also for AR15 / M16.








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