Fox Outdoor Combat Case 42in

I was in need of a good case to transport a firearm, or firearms and other items.  Although I prefer hard cases for maximum firearms protection, I was more in need for something more versatile for my long guns.  Normally, and if I am planning on shooting a long gun, I am working with two bags; a support bag and the firearms bag.  I was hoping to cut down on that.

I had used Fox Tactical products in the past and started to do my research. My local range and gun club was selling the Fox Tactical Combat Case for a relatively decent price; I needed to check these bags out before plunking down the cash.

The Fox Tactical Combat Case is available in two sizes; 36-inches and 42–inches. I have a couple of cases that I use for an MSR and AK, but I needed a quality case for these and longer firearms.  At the time of purchase, I had a CZ 527M carbine with me and the little fellow fit perfectly in the 42-inch case.

Let’s take a look an over-all look at the basic skinny for the “Combat Case” from the manufacturer and then move on to the stuff that they never tell us.


  • Main compartment w/internal straps and sleeve pouch to secure firearms
  • Front interior holds 2 pistols via hook & loop closure sleeve pockets
  • Modular pouches which can be used on vest or other transport gear
  • Large zippered pocket behind removable pouches
  • Padded grip handle
  • Internal straps to secure firearms and high end scopes
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • 2 compression straps w/D-ring and QR buckle enclosure
  • Product dimensions: 42″ Long x 12″ High x 3.5″ Deep
  • Made in China

The Fox outdoor Combat Case 42-inch is available in four patterns:

  • Fox Outdoor 099598583903: Combat Case 42in, Olive Drab
  • Fox Outdoor 099598583910: Combat Case 42in, Black
  • Fox Outdoor 099598583989: Combat Case 42in, Coyote
  • Fox Outdoor 099598583972: Combat Case 42in, Army Digital


The double-row stitching is excellent throughout the product.  The light canvas material used for the case and the pouches seems to be of excellent quality.  The zippers are polymer and all have pull cords.  QD buckles are also polymer but are of heavy construction.

The four rows of segmented webbing for the three external pouches are well done and reinforced where necessary to support heavy loads. These would work with any configuration (combination) of MOLLE attachments, although they work well with the three pouches.

Two straps with heavy duty polymer buckles helps to reduce stress on the main zipper.

The shoulder strap is neatly tucked away when not in use, but can be easily deployed when necessary.

Excellent Shoulder Carrying Strap with Pad. Metal Fastenjng clips and D-Rings

Now, let’s take a look from the outside and work inward.

Two Small Pouches:

The two outside pouches measure 9” Tall x 5-3/4” Wide x 2” Deep.  The height is influenced by the carry content.  The pouch flap is secured by hook and loop fastener and also by an adjustable polymer buckle and strap arrangement.  Tension on the content(s) of the each pouch is by a flexible drawstring and locking clasp arrangement.

Each pouch is double-lined and has a strip of rubberized material at the top of the pouch for strength. Each of the smaller pouches can hold two, 30-round, AK or MSR magazines; P-mag or otherwise.

Each pouch receives the same double-stitching as the case.

Small Pouch Hold 2 30-round 7.62x39mm P-Mags

Main Center Pouch:

The main (Center) external pouch measures 9” Tall x 7-3/4” Wide x 2” Deep.  The center pouch exhibits the same quality of stitching and material as the rest of the product. As with the two smaller pouches, the center pouch is expandable and tension on the content(s) of the each pouch is by a flexible drawstring and locking clasp arrangement. The center pouch is double-lined and has a strip of rubberized material at the top of the pouch for strength and, I would assume, protection from the elements. The center pouch can hold 4, 30-round, AK or MST magazines (P-mags or otherwise) with room to spare. Two hook and loop fastening strips secures the flap, in addition to two heavy duty polymer buckles and straps.

The center pouch utilizes three MOLLE attachment straps for attaching the pouch to the case or other MOLLE-compatible product, such as a backpack.

The Fox Tactical logo is actually a hook and loop fastened patch, which can be replaced by a blank patch (provided inside the pouch) or a patch of your choice.  Since I don’t get paid to advertise products, the blank patch was attached.

Center Pouch Can Hold Four 7.62x39mm P-Mags with Room to Spare

Outer Zippered Case:

The outer zippered case measures approximately 11” Tall x 26” Wide x 2” Deep. The outer case is heavily padded.  Within the outer case are two hook and loop fastened inner pouches that measure 10-3/4” High x 12” Wide. Each inner pouch is well-padded for protecting valuable assets.

I found that the outer case holds a scoped Ruger Charger with bi-pod within its own case quite well.  I had no issue with having a Springfield Armory XDm 5.25 pistol in either of the inner pouches. In fact, a Rock Island Armory 1911 FS Tactical and Back Arch holster fit quite well in either pouch.

In fact, if the outer storage case was a little but deeper, the case for the Ruger 10/22 TD would fit without straining the zipper. With some ingenuity, like a “backer with individual pouches, the Ruger 10/22 TD could be stored in its “Takedown” form within the side case.

Main Storage Compartment:

The twin-zippered main storage compartment consists of a heavily padded interior with “Index” points for the firearm. Also, two hook and loop straps are used to secure the firearm.

I am pretty anal when it comes to protecting my firearms. Note the additional protection for the scope of the CZ 527M with a product from Scope Shield in the above image.  With that said, I try to purchase cases that allow me to transport my firearms within Bore-Store cases.  With most hard cases, transporting a long gun, and even a handgun, inside additional protection like a Bore Store proves to be a challenge because of their rigid construction. The Fox Tactical Combat Case allows me to transport my firearms with as much protection as I require because of the case’s flexibility.


There was a line in the movie “Days of Thunder” where Rowdy Burns (Michael Rooker) told Cole Trickle (Tom Cruise), “…get your own car and let’s see how you do in traffic.”  That is how I feel about the Fox Tactical Combat Case; I need to so how it will do under pressure when it is fully loaded and ready to go.

I have several firearms that would be well-suited to the 42-inch version of this bag, and I have several firearms that would be better suited to the 36” version. From what I can tell, at this point, a 36” version of this bag will soon follow.

Obviously, the outer pouches can be used for stuff other than magazines.  I can visualize where the Fox Tactical Combat Case could be used for much more than a simple carrying case intended for range duty, and I leave the contents of the case entirely up to you for your particular use.

So far, the Fox Tactical Combat Case seems to be an excellent solution to my needs for a single bag for long guns that combines a need for support functions as well. Only use will tell if the product holds up in the long run.


Although the Fox Outdoor Products Combat Case, 42-Inch, Coyote (and other patterns/colors) can be found at, I would shop around for the best price; I found mine at a significantly lower price at my local gun shop and range than what  could be found on line.

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